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WARNING!! This Fantasy High NPC has grown up and had adventures past the initial Fantasy High and Dimension 20 LIVE episodes. This page contains major plot spoilers for the The Seven campaign, so proceed at your own risk.

"You can just not answer those calls. You can just not. In fact, I prefer you didn't. In fact, if she calls, why don't you just throw your fucking phone across the room and shatter into pieces? Just like I'd like to do to her skull! I might have anger issues." ― Sam Nightingale to Rebecca Everpetal

Sam Nightingale is a student at Aguefort Adventuring Academy. She's friends with Penelope Everpetal and was dating Johnny Spells. She is also a member of the Maidens adventuring party.

During Fantasy High and Dimension 20 LIVE, she is an NPC played by Brennan Lee Mulligan. During The Seven, she is a PC played by Persephone Valentine.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring Sam as an NPC
Fantasy High
Live Shows
Dimension 20 LIVE
Episodes Featuring Sam as a PC
The Seven


"Sam Nightingale is a water genasi and like at some point everything she was wearing was very well pressed, ironed and clearly designer. She wears like a matching blue blazer and skirt set with a white vest and a white beret. Has long curly hair that goes from like green to blue to white, like an ocean wave. Otherworldly beautiful. But just ripshit. Absolutely fucking ripshit." ― Persephone Valentine


Sam is a Water Genasi with pale blue-green skin and wavy blue-ish gray hair that falls a bit below her shoulders. She has a long angular face and webbed fish-like ears. She carries a Mirror of the Past with her, in the form of a seashell compact, which was a gift from her "ship-sinking cousin", Myrtle.[2]

She is trans, though the only people that know outside of her parents (both biological and adoptive) are Penelope Everpetal and Zelda Donovan.[3]


Sam has some anger issues, and will sometimes get so upset that she goes into a panic. When that happens, Danielle Barkstock is always there to be a calming presence, taking her aside and talking her down from all her feelings.[4]

The Fan[]

Sam's fan is white and blue with a wave motif.


Sam is the daughter of Camille Brine and an unnamed model, though as soon as Sam's father's career dried up, Camille left him.[5] As a child, before she transitioned, Sam had a brief career as a child actor. Her career appears to have been managed by her mother, though due to Camille's selfish and transphobic attitude, Sam has cut off all contact. Before doing so, Camille attempted to exploit Sam's transition as a publicity stunt to enter back into show business. Although her career as a child actor ended on somewhat of a sour note, she is still interested in theater and music, going so far as to multiclass into Bard.

Sometime after coming out as trans, Sam moved in with Penelope Everpetal and her parents, Rebecca and Gideon Everpetal. Despite glamourous aesthetic and growing up in the limelight, Sam currently has very little social media presence. All of her profiles are limited, and she doesn’t have any followers except for her friends.[3]


Fantasy High[]

The Beginning Begins[]

Sam is first introduced outside the school hanging out with Johnny Spells, her boyfriend. Penelope Everpetal approaches them and asks to speak with Sam for a minute. She tells Penelope she's busy and that they can talk after school, but Penelope insists they talk now. Riz Gukgak appears from hiding and Sam asks what he wants. He says he's friends with Penelope, who calls him "the ball". Sam asks Johnny to meet up later once she deals with Penelope, and Johnny rides away.

Riz asks how she and Johnny met, and she tells him that Johnny just hangs around the school. Before Riz can ask any more questions, Penelope drags her away. They slip into the girls' changing room to talk about their missing friend, Penny Luckstone. Unknown to them, Ostentatia Wallace sneaks in after them to eavesdrop for Riz.

She's trapped in a palimpsest and kept hostage until Prom night, when Kalvaxus takes her and the rest of the Maidens to be chained up at the mouth of his lair. They are rescued by Sandra Lynn Faeth. After he's defeated, he's brought back to life so that the Maidens can kill him again.

Dimension 20 LIVE[]

After the events of Prom night, Sam and the rest of the Maidens form an adventuring party together. During the Bad Kids' sophomore year, they travel to retrieve dragon eggs from the Red Waste. They also accompany Fig Faeth, Ayda Aguefort, Adaine Abernant, Kristen Applebees, and Tracker O'Shaughnessey to defeat Hyperia the Gorgon queen of Throshk while Riz, Gorgug Thistlespring and Fabian Seacaster have a Boys' Night.

The Seven[]

At the start of The Seven, she is a senior at Aguefort Adventuring Academy.


  • Brennan posted Sam's character sheet on his Twitter as a reward for reaching the 250 voter registrations milestone during CollegeHumor's Voter Registration Drive.[6] However, as of The Seven, the character sheet is no longer accurate.[7]
    • He also revealed that Sam had a brief career as a child actor before her magic powers manifested, and was living with her mom Beth in an apartment in Bastion City.[6] In becoming a PC, this was retconned, as her mother in The Seven is named Camille. However, "Beth" may have become Rebecca Everpetal, her adoptive mother, instead.
  • Sam's fragrance of choice is Pastel Blue from Dulce and Gabborana, mostly because Penelope once told Sam it suited her, and now she can't bring herself to throw the bottle away.[8]
  • The seashell compact mirror has been in her family for a long time. Once, a classmate stole it and looked inside. On the bright side, his therapist is certain he’ll bounce back! Eventually.[9]
  • Sam is super protective of all the Maidens, but she is the most protective of Zelda. One time a classmate called her “the weird goat girl” and found out that when you’re a Storm Sorceress, there are many ways to give a swirly. [10]


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