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"You're allowed to be a complex person." Fig Faeth, her daughter

Sandra Lynn Faeth is Fig Faeth's biological mother, Ex wife to Gilear and Ex lover Gorthalax the Insatiable. She works as a ranger and lives in Mordred Manor with her partner, Jawbone.

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Sandra Lynn is a wood-elf. She wears "mom" jeans and carries a bow and quiver over her shoulder. In her younger days, she dressed in rocker clothes, much like her daughter does now. She has a pet griffon named Baxter.

Sandra Lynn has always been very impulsive and guided by her heart. As a mother, she's exasperated by her rebellious teenage daughter but loving towards her anyway. She has a commanding, motherly presence that is often felt by other members of the Bad Kids, most notably Kristen Applebees. She has a difficult relationship with her daughter, Fig, at first, but after Fig finds her biological father, she comes to terms with the fact that Sandra Lynn is a complex person and they begin to repair their relationship. They are now very close and supportive of each other in whatever issues they may personally encounter.


Sandra Lynn is descended from a group of diaspora Wood Elves from Sylvaire who were dispossessed when it was corrupted into the Forest of the Nightmare King.

Sandra Lynn is very private about her past. She was a student at Aguefort Adventuring Academy, but dropped out her senior year. After she got her diploma later on, she was taken as a replacement member of an already active adventuring party. There was a married couple within the party who were older and more powerful adventurers, and as a young woman fresh out of adventuring school, Sandra Lynn fell in love with one of them, though they did not treat her kindly. When everything came out, she was ejected from the party, and her future as an adventurer was dimmed. She later joined the Solisian Rangers.

This trauma shows itself in how the rest of her romantic relationships have played out. She met and married Gilear Faeth, who quit his job to start a family with her. Sometime during their marriage, however, Sandra Lynn met the archdevil Gorthalax the Insatiable. She cheated on her husband with Gorthalax and they conceived a daughter, Fig Faeth. When Fig's tiefling horns began to grow in, it wedged a crack into her relationship with Gilear, and they soon divorced.

Freshman Year[]

The Beginning Begins[]

Sandra Lynn is first introduced on the morning of her daughter's first day at Aguefort Adventuring Academy. She reminds her daughter, Fig, that she's going to be late, but Fig refuses to go, saying that great bards don't learn to bard, and that she needs real world experience. Sandra Lynn tries to reason with her, but she keeps asking about her biological father. Sandra Lynn answers that her father is Gilear, but Fig only insults him. They continue to discuss her real father, Fig suggesting it could be the Nightmare King, and Sandra Lynn explaining that she can't say who it is, until Fig lights a cigarette. They watch the bus pull away outside the window, and Sandra Lynn goes downstairs to call Gilear to bring her to school. She tells Fig that she knows things are hard, but she loves her, and Fig puts her cigarette out in Sandra Lynn's coffee. Sandra Lynn leaves for work on her griffon, Baxter.

After the Afterlife[]

Sandra Lynn arrives at Aguefort Adventuring Academy on Baxter to pick Fig up after the battle with Doreen and the Corn Ooze. Fig tells her that she knows her father drove a motorcycle, and Sandra Lynn blanches, until Fig mentions she thinks that's pretty metal in terms of choosing men.

When Sandra Lynn shows Fig some old photos of Gilear, Gorthalax and herself, it is revealed that her appearance in clothing was almost identical to Fig's as she dressed like a rocker. This made Fig relate to her mother a lot more.

In Episode 15, after Fig fights to get into her house and saves her mom, Fig informs her of what is going on. Her mom volunteers to go save the maidens and she flies off to the mountains on her griffon to go save the maidens, who are trapped in the mouth of Kalvaxus's lair. She saves them and brings them safely to the others at the school gym on her griffon.

Sophomore Year[]

Sandra Lynn is seen buying a large manor with her boyfriend and soulmate Jawbone. She is also recruited by the Bad Kids to act as a hireling for their journey after The Nightmare King's crown.

In Episode 5, Sandra Lynn hooks up with Garthy O'Brien while intoxicated.

The Seven[]

During the flashback of The Maidens in The Mountains of Chaos, Sandra Lynn and Baxter come to rescue them from capture by Kalvaxus's minions.

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