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During Dimension 20's pre-recorded campaigns, battle scenes often take place on battle sets with minis of both player characters and enemy NPCs. Most of the miniatures are sourced from Heroforge and ReaperMini, hand painted, and sometimes altered by the crew as needed. More behind the scene work can be seen on Production Designer & Creative Producer Rick Perry's Digital Portfolio.

Fantasy High
Mice & Murder
Misfits and Magic


Dimension 20 has an immensely talented crew working to put each set together, and to paint each mini, led by Production Designer & Creative Producer Rick Perry. This crew also includes Sabrina Wichner (Lead Model Maker: The Unsleeping City), Shane Brockway (Lead Miniatures Painter), and Nathan Villareal (Lead Miniatures Painter: The Unsleeping City).

For the first season of Fantasy High, minis were ordered from places all round the world including Poland, Singapore, the UK, and Germany. More original pieces were also ordered in from various 3D printing companies. The battle sets are usually made using many different kit parts that are customized and painted to fit the space and setting.

Although it is the most recent pre-recorded campaign, Tiny Heist was the first campaign to have a single battle span more than one episode (Episode 4: Breaking and Entering into Episode 5: Fighting with Fire), and was also the first campaign to feature multiple full battle sets in a single battle (Episode 6: The Great Chase).

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Behind the Scenes[]

After episodes have aired, Rick Perry enjoys sharing photos of set pieces and minis that he took during the building process. These pictures and more can be seen on Rick's twitter.

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