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"Now that's a hot rat!" Riz Gukgak/Brian Murphy

The Sexy Rat was a illusory female rat with an objective degree of attractiveness created by Fig Faeth to lure Zayn Darkshadow's pet rat, Edgar.

Featured Episodes[]

Yes, this kink fodder has been in several episodes.

Episodes Featuring the Sexy Rat
Fantasy High
Dimension 20 LIVE


This sexy creature of unnatural origins was an illusion designed by Fig Faeth to lure out and seduce Edgar the rat. It has a wet, very pointy nose with really, really long whiskers that curl like Farrah Fawcett hair. Its ears are so perfectly circular, and its tail is super long. Its front paws are super skinny but the back paws are deliciously meaty.

Both Riz and Kristen admitted to being at least somewhat attracted to the rat.


Graveyard of Good and Evil[]

The Sexy Rat first appeared in episode seven of Fantasy High, acting as bait. The first incarnation of the rat was very short-lived, only ever managing to flounce around Cravencroft, winking at gargoyles and teasing acorns, before one of the owls hunting Edgar attacked and, tragically, ended its life.

Fig summoned a second variation of the Sexy Rat to act as a lantern of sorts so the Bad Kids could talk with Sylvester in Cravencroft. However, at the request of Ally, the rat was touching its six nipples and also pregnant.

While the illusory rat doesn't appear again in this episode, Kristen does say that she finds another Sexy Rat in Zayn Darkshadow's apartment with Fig commenting that it isn't one of her illusions and "is just sexy on its own."

Fearful Symmetry[]

Fortunately, the sexy rat was brought back in some form as an illusion in the Forest of the Nightmare King. It resides in a cave that Fabian hides in during his escape from what appears to be an illusion of Chungledown Bim, and it comforts Fabian before revealing itself with a lit match to be a human sized rat with lipstick, thick thighs and chandelier-layer hair. It is also now capable of human speech. This causes Fabian to flee in terror as it gives chase.

The rat seems to act as an ally to Chungledown Bim as both pursue a terrified Fabian, with both tormenting him until, in an attempt to save his friends, he lies down and shouts for them to shit in his mouth and fuck him, (with each request being aimed at Chungledown Bim and the rat, respectively.) It is later revealed that only the sexy rat was an illusion conjured by the forest.


  • If for some erotic reason you wanted to include the sexy rat as a creature in your own campaign, Colby twitter created a homebrew inspired by it. Sexy Rat
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