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Shirtgate was a wardrobe scandal surrounding GM Brennan Lee Mulligan in late February-early March 2020.

Featured Episodes[]

The shirt in question, a burgundy striped button down, has been worn by Brennan at least once across every single Dimension 20 campaign except for Misfits and Magic. You can see a video compilation of these instances (as of February 28th) in this video by twitter user @yaebwoo.

Episodes Featuring the Shirt
Fantasy High The Unsleeping City: Chapter II
Escape from the Bloodkeep Mice & Murder
The Unsleeping City Adventuring Academy (Season 1)
Tiny Heist Adventuring Party (Season 1)
Dimension 20 LIVE The Seven
A Crown of Candy Adventuring Party (Season 6)
Pirates of Leviathan

The timeline for the entire scandal is listed in this thread by twitter user @sofiabikes. Screenshots are also posted in the gallery below:


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