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WARNING!! This Unsleeping City PC has been around the block and had adventures past the initial The Unsleeping City episodes. This page contains major plot spoilers for the Chapter II campaign, so proceed at your own risk.

"No, I'm not going to read your dick because I don't read short stories!" ― Sofia Bicicleta

Sofia Lee, née Bicicleta, is a hairdresser from Staten Island who, after having been left by her husband Dale to be with Isabella Infierno, used excessive amounts of alcohol to cope. She is now the Chosen One of the Concrete Fist. She is played by Emily Axford.


"My name is Sofia Lee. I'm sorry. No. It is Sofia Bicicleta. I was Sofia Lee for [sighs] five beautiful years, but then my husband, Dale, left me. So now I'm back to Sofia Bicicleta. Sofia Bikes, you might hear me be called. I suppose I can have a bit of a hot temper. Dale really balanced me out, but now that he's gone I'm on a little bit of a bender. But that's fine. I mean, I can keep up an active lifestyle. Similar to Pete, I haven't been sleeping because the bed I was sleeping in I once shared with my husband. So I just don't even really like being there right now. And basically, I'm in a tight leopard print skirt, a tight pink cami, and basically, I look like of Fran Drescher went on an Amy Winehouse bender. And I'm doing a pretty bad job because I'm pretty hungover." ― Emily Axford


Sofia has a mess of dark hair and brown eyes. She is seen wearing a tight pink top and an equally tight leopard print skirt, with a thick belt to bring the two pieces together. Beneath the skirt are grey camouflage leggings. She is originally shown wearing a pair of sneakers but is also described as having heels in the first episode, which she quickly loses after putting them through a troll's eyes. She is eventually gifted a pair of red Louboutins by Pete the Plug. She also has on an assortment of gold jewelry, including a couple of bracelets, a necklace, and hoop earrings.

In La Gran Gata's Bodega, Sofia discovers a small gold ring embossed with a fist. She asks La Gran Gata if she could have eyes like hers. Accepting her request, she is gifted with heterochromia, her eyes magically changed from brown to one brilliant blue and one bright green.

At the Art Show Space during her fight with Isabella Infierno, she willingly walks through fire to cause radiant damage to her opponents. As a result, some of her hair is burned off, leaving her with a "cute little bob haircut" after the fight.


Sofia admittedly describes herself as someone with a "bit of a hot temper."


Start Spreading the News[]

Sofia Bicicleta is first introduced in her hair salon giving a long-time customer a haircut. Due to her distress over her husband Dale, she completely screws it up, offers a discount, some extra punches on her punch card, and some pre-made sangria to make up for it.

Mario Bicicleta, Sofia's brother, enters the salon and comments on the customer's unsightly bangs, which causes the two siblings to bicker. The seasonal Christmas music continues to remind Sofia about Dale as her sobriety sets in more and more.

She then proceeds to get drunk in the city for hours until she begins to notice the happenings of the Unsleeping City. After putting her stilettos through the eyes of a troll, she meets Kugrash who takes her to the park to see that Santa Claus' sleigh has been damaged. Sofia joins Kugrash and eventually the rest of the party on this journey through the newly discovered magical world of New York.

Mutant Santa Melee[]

During the battle with the Mutant Santas, Sofia uses her fighting ability to take on a tentacle Santa as well as the Hive Mother Santa using a flip to attack the creatures heart.

Pigeons Plus One[]

Sofia and Kugrash hang out after the Santa attack, they go to different bars where the invention of the Hairy Baby Technique came into play as people were disgusted by the appearance of Kugrash after Sofia styled his hair.

Sobriety Mechanic Triggers[]

Due to the passing of Kugrash during the events of New Years Eve 2018, Sofia went on a nine month bender, after which she began working on her sobriety. The sobriety mechanic implemented in The Unsleeping City: Chapter II introduces several triggers for Sofia, which could contribute lead to a relapse. These triggers include:

  • Fighting with her mother
  • Certain reminders of her deceased husband, such as Cody being chosen by and using the Questing Blade
  • Certain reminders of their relationship before his death, such as Ricky and Esther eating off each others' plates
  • Mentions or reminders of Kugrash, such as his family, like Wally Kugrich


The Dream Team[]

Dale Lee[]

Married for five years up until he supposedly left her to be with Isabella Infierno, Dale is the ex-husband of Sofia. She describes him as being a balance to her fiery temper. Though she has gone back to her maiden name, she frequently has to correct herself when she initially introduces herself as Sofia Lee. When it is revealed in Borough of Dreams that Dale had actually been killed by Isabella and he in turn tells her that he has always loved her, she reclaims his last name. After Dale's last escape from and subsequent return to heaven, Sofia discovered she was pregnant with their child.


Despite having no recollection of it past him offering her an egg salad sandwich, Sofia's first encounter with Kugrash happened while she was intoxicated. Once she has been awakened into the Unsleeping City in Start Spreading the News, she meets him again after he gives her makeshift shoes made out of plastic bags and rubber bands to replace her heels. He recalls how easily she could hold a conversation and how often she could bring up Dale unprompted. The two of them become close friends after she accompanies Kugrash to Central Park and investigates Santa's sleigh with him. They invented the Hairy Baby scam together. After his death, Sofia honors him by pouring a drink out for him and mashing a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich into the ground.


  • "I know, but everyone just gets bored, so they just, they're like: "Well, I can't buy a bigger house, 'cause then it'll be obvious I'm in the mob. So I guess I'll just paint my house a new shade of lime green". I'm sorry!"
  • "My fucking name is Sofia! Lee, I mean, Sofia (clears throat) Bicicleta."
  • "I said my, ugh, whatever the, I said my married name, I was married, I was Sofia Lee. I'm not any more. Now I'm the crazy old woman who's got a cat she loves, and is shopping for self help books in a drug store and I've got a pocket full of Santas that spit up colorful red and green M&Ms!"
  • "You definitely underestimated me, because I went up against Isabella Infierno and I'm walking away and she's not."
  • "Motherfuckin' I'm here."
  • "I'm gonna fuck this bitch up."
  • "Did you beat up a bunch of angels to come give me tax advice?"
  • "It is what it could be!"


  • Sofia is the first character in The Unsleeping City, and Dimension 20 in general, to be a multi-classer.
  • Emily describes Sofia as "if Fran Drescher went on an Amy Winehouse bender." This references actress Fran Drescher, who starred in The Nanny and Saturday Night Fever. Amy Winehouse is also mentioned, who was known to have died from alcohol intoxication, and references Sofia's own alcoholism.
  • After Sofia's eye color is changed from brown to blue and green, Emily reacts by saying "Oh my god, I'm Bowie," referencing either the artist David Bowie, who was also known for having mismatched eyes or Emily's cat Bowie, who also has mismatched eyes.
  • Sofia's birth was half a month late past her mother's projected due date.
  • Sofia has canonically met Jesus Christ in person.


  1. 1.0 1.1 In Episode 13: Of Rats & Dragons, Sofia mentions being a "really young kid" when the movie Big Business (starring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin) came out in 1988.
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