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"They're not the worst in the world." Gilear Faeth

Strongtower Luxury Apartments is an apartment complex located in Ballaster.

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The apartment building is very run down; the "Luxury" part in the sign out front is broken and flickers.

The apartments become a sort of headquarters for the Bad Kids during their freshman year as so many of them already live there. When their houses and families are being threatened by Kalvaxus, the kids tell their families to meet therein order to stay safe.


Gukgak Home[]

Riz Gukgak lives in an apartment with his mother, Sklonda. They have a one bedroom apartment that has an cordoned off with fake drywall in the living room creating a makeshift bedroom. It is a very sparce, spartan kind of place. Hidden in the walls is a secret office, where all of Pok Gukgak's old case files and spy gear is kept.

Riz's introductory graphic, showcasing the interior of their apartment.

Gilear Faeth[]

Gilear Faeth moved into his own apartment after his divorce from Sandra Lynn. His adoptive daughter, Fig, chooses to live with Gilear over her mom and offers to have Kristen and Adaine to live with her when they are displaced from their home. Gilear moves out and into the garage of Seacaster Manor when he starts dating Hallariel Seacaster.

O'Shaughnessey Home[]

Jawbone O'Shaughnessey owns an apartment and moves in there with his niece, Tracker, after accepting a job at Aguefort Adventuring Academy as a guidance counselor. He takes both Kristen Applebees and Adaine Abernant under his wing when they're displaced from their homes, and they later all move into Mordred Manor with Fig Faeth and her mother, Sandra Lynn.

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