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"Better safe than Sol-ry, am I right?" ― Sunny

Sunny Biscotto is a resident of Leviathan and paladin of Jane Wren, Pirate Demigoddess of the horizon, freedom, and adventure. She is played by Marisha Ray.


"Yeah, you see, just this kind of scrappy looking, young, youthful pirate-- or sorry, not pirate. A parrot person who loves and respects Sol, the family's chosen deity. We all love Sol just sol much. That's the joke, we say in the Biscotto family. And you see a teenage aarakocra who has her feathers kind of pulled back in a messy ponytail, and she's got a little bit of like molting happening but she doesn't like to talk about it, so try to be respectful. She's trying to clear it up, but, you know, puberty. And she's got kind of scrappy pirate-looking garb, but her parents think she's just going through a phase. As well as braces that look like they were kind of... mish mashed together to make “braces”. But it's just kind of wire and some chunks of wood that are kind of wedged in between certain teeth. This is Sunny! Sunny Biscotto! And Sunny starts picking up all of the dishes and looks at her mom, Polly and Roger, and says, "Is everybody done with breakfast? You guys know, I have to go and do some missionary work in town for wonderful Sol."" Marisha Ray


She is extremely adventurous and aspires to become a real pirate like her deity, Jane Wren.

At home with her Sol-worshiping family, Sunny is a practiced liar and is as convincingly enthusiastic about Sol as the rest of them. However, she finds this facade and their overwhelming conformity exhausting and frequently makes excuses to leave. Her most common excuse and biggest lie about her life outside of the Biscotto home is that she works as a missionary with an unnamed pastor. Sunny dodges any questions about meeting this pastor or mission group, but her parents have such unwavering faith in her that they never doubt she's telling the truth.


Sunny is a teenaged parrot aarakocra with blue and yellow feathers. She has some feathers pulled back into a messy ponytail on her head. As she goes through puberty, her feathers are molting a bit, which she's a little self-conscious of. She wears scrappy pirate-looking garb and has makeshift braces made of wire and chunks of wood.

She wears carries a handmade staff with an old pirate hook tied to the top of it with some rope and a rum barrel lid as a makeshift shield.


For the past eight months, she's snuck off during the day under the pretense of being part of a mission group for Sol. In reality, she's been travelling to the Ramble to meet her mentor, Tulwar Zuhari-Royce, who teaches her about adventure and becoming a pirate.



The Buccaneer Buddies[]

Tulwar Zuhari-Royce[]



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