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The Sword of Sight is a magical longsword that was crafted by Telemaine Lomenelda, intended as a weapon for the Elven Oracle


The ancestral sword of the Oracle of the elves appears as a long silver sword with a geometric, elven eye glyph set into a two-sided pommel on each side.

It was first encountered by Adaine Abernant in the Forest of the Nightmare King, when she noticed her father, Angwyn, carrying it. After she punched her dad to death in one hit, she looted his corpse and took the sword, waiting until she was reunited with her friends in the Angel Gallery to cast Identify on it.


  • +1 to attack and damage rolls.
  • An arcane focus.
  • Base AC 12.
  • Allows the spellcaster to cast Divination cantrips as bonus actions; the spellcaster can also take the Dodge action when casting a Divination spell.
  • Can attack creatures you cannot see without disadvantage.