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WARNING!! This Fantasy High PC has grown up and had adventures past the initial Fantasy High episodes. This page contains major plot spoilers for the Dimension 20 LIVE campaign, so proceed at your own risk.

The Bad Kids are a group of sophomore year students from the Aguefort Adventuring Academy who became a de facto adventuring party after they missed the official party-forming window because they were in detention.


The Bad Kids are a group of six daddy adventurers of varying backgrounds, but they all get along very well. Towards the beginning of their career, they were very reckless and generally went into fights with the intention of killing everyone. After a discussion with Bill Seacaster, they began to work more collaboratively as a team "for the gold", or whatever end goal they had in mind. They are extremely trusting and loving towards one another, and see each other as family, partially due to several shared parent/guardian relationships. Overall, they are a kind, generous, and understanding group who believe in doing the right thing, though they often get into trouble and make a mess of things while doing it.

The party does not have a leader, as they agreed that they were all equal and therefore were more of a democracy. They also have a FantasyInstagram account @TheBadKidzz, of which Gilear is listed last in the bio.


Spoiler Note: Several characters' classes/specializations have changed since the start of Fantasy High. The table below reflects character classes as of Episode 19 of Dimension 20 LIVE.

Name Player Race/Class Details
Fabian Aramais Seacaster Lou Wilson Half-Elf; Battlemaster Fighter/College of Swords Bard The proud and seemingly confident son of the famous Bill Seacaster, Fabian wishes to take up the mantle of the Seacaster name and live up to his father's infamous legacy.
Gorgug Thistlespring Zac Oyama Half-Orc; Path of the Berserker Barbarian/Artificer Gorgug was adopted by gnomish tinkerers Wilma and Digby Thistlespring. He often makes wrong guesses about who his biological dad is.
Fig Faeth Emily Axford Tiefling; College of Lore Bard/Hexblade Warlock Fig loves to deceive, perform and make inappropriate love connections. She is Ayda's paramour.
Adaine Abernant Siobhan Thompson High Elf; School of Divination Wizard Adaine suffers from panic attacks. She's the youngest daughter of a Fallinel diplomat and a Hudol professor, with an absolute bitch of a sister, Aelwyn (she's not that bad, once you get to know her).
Riz Gukgak Brian Murphy Goblin; Inquisitive Rogue Riz is a unlicensed private investigator, looking into the disappearances of missing girls from Aguefort.
Kristen Applebees Ally Beardsley Human; Twilight Domain Cleric She was sent to this world to share the healing power of Helio. Kristen later has a crisis of faith and is working to discover her greater divine purpose.
Gilear Faeth Brennan Lee Mulligan Wood Elf; Commoner The party's official intern turned tour manager turned assistant.
Ragh Barkrock Brennan Lee Mulligan Half-Orc; Barbarian Reformed bully who joined the Bad Kids as a member of the party on their sophomore year project. Hoot Growl.
Tracker O'Shaughnessey Brennan Lee Mulligan Human (Lycanthrope); Twilight Domain Cleric Werewolf moon priestess and high school dropout. Follower of Galicaea and Kristen's girlfriend.
Ayda Aguefort Brennan Lee Mulligan Half-Phoenix; School of Divination Wizard Curator and Librarian of the Compass Points Library on Leviathan. She is Fig's paramour and declared herself a "Low-Quality Child" alongside the other Bad Kids.


The group was informally named by Kristen Applebees on the first day of school when she noticed the five other kids talking to Vice Principle Goldenhoard about their detention: Fabian Seacaster and Gorgug Thistlespring received detention for getting into a fight first thing in the morning; Fig Faeth received detention for breaking into the teacher's lounge and attempting to steal a ghost steak; Adaine Abernant received detention for stealing a library book from the restricted section; Riz Gukgak received detention for breaking into Principal Aguefort's office and stealing one of his teabags. Kristen did not "officially" receive detention.

When Coach Daybreak, a fellow member of Kristen's church, approached her to ask what adventuring party she wanted to be in, she pointed to the five and said she wanted to be with "the bad kids". Daybreak suggested she join a group with other like-minded, religious individuals, but Kristen insisted he give her detention too. Coach Daybreak declared that she had 'bore false witness' (a religious offence, not technically a school rule) and gave it to her.

During their detention, they were drawn to the cafeteria by the scream of their lunch lady, Doreen. They arrived to find that she and the enormous corn ooze beside her had been possessed by something evil. They fought together as a team and defeated Doreen and the ooze. At the end of the battle, it became clear to them that something in the school wasn't quite right, and they decided to stick together from then on to get to the bottom of it.


The Bad Kids spent their freshman year at Aguefort Adventuring Academy working on the case that is later known as "the Kalvaxus Kaper". Kalvaxus, Emperor of the Red Wastes, was scheming to rise back into power by fulfilling a prophecy that had been given hundreds of years ago. Over the course of the year, the Bad Kids worked together to uncover clues and follow leads all over town and slowly discovered the true nature of his plot. On the night of Prom, and with the help of Ragh Barkrock, Jawbone, Sklonda Gukgak, and Gorthalax the Insatiable, they were able to successfully defeat him.

They became a more "official" adventuring party in their sophomore year, when Principal Aguefort assigned them an adventure: to recover the crown of the Nightmare King, which had been stolen from his office. This quest is work 60% of their final grades, much to their surprise. The party tracks the crown to Adaine Abernant's mother, and they follow her tracks across several different countries and a floating pirate city.

For this adventure, they hired several of their friends and family to accompany them as hirelings. These hirelings include: Ragh Barkrock, Tracker O'Shaughnessey, Cathilda Ceíli, Sandra Lynn Faeth, and Gilear Faeth. Several days into their adventure, Cathilda renounces her position and payment to return home and care for Fabian's mother, Hallariel Seacaster. In light of the recent events and several mistakes that were made, rest of the party members also forfeited their shares/payments, though all continued to travel with them. Later, they meet Ayda Aguefort, who they befriend and she joins the party as well.

Around this time, the group also hires Gilear Faeth as an unpaid intern (later an official assistant) and get him to run many mundane tasks for the group like fetching coffee orders (without pay) as well as run their joint Instagram account @TheBadKidzz, of which Gilear is listed last in the bio.

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