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The Colby is Captain Annabelle Cheddar's ship.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring the Colby
A Crown of Candy


The Colby is a Dairy Island ship captained by Captain Annabelle Cheddar and a crew of cheese men. It is a fairly small ship, as much of the Dairy Islands's navy was destroyed in the Ravening War and replaced by smaller merchant ships. It is approximately 60–70 feet long and 20–30 feet wide.

It is co-owned by Annabelle's cousin and the sovereign ruler of the Dairy Islands, Duchess Primsy Coldbottle. It's hers when it's sitting at a dock, but Annabelle's when they're out on the water. Primsy sleeps in a bunk bed in the captain's quarters with her cousin.

Battle Set[]


The ship used to belong to the Prince of the Dairy Islands, Prince Tarthur Cheddar. After his death, his daughter, Annabelle Cheddar, inherited it.

Escape from the Bulb Creeps[]

As the Taste Buds flee from the Cathedral of Saint Arugula, they head towards the docks in the Pulp Bay. There, they find the Colby, with Annabelle, Primsy, and Lord Stilton Curdeau (now Lord Constort, as Annabelle is marrying them when the Taste Buds arrive) on board. In order to escape the Imperial guards looking for them, they decide to stow away in a crate of drinking milk. They successfully stay hidden from Commander Constano Grissini, who boards the ship accompanied by Imperial soldiers about half an hour after they set sail.

Deep Bleu Sea[]


  • The battle set for the combat during Episode 8: Deep Bleu Sea presented a unique challenge to Rick Perry and the art crew: the Dairy Sea was hand sculpted and had to fit the profile of the ship, and they had to send the Colby model out to a different shop to cut it into slices with a big band saw.