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The Dream Team is the PC adventuring party from The Unsleeping City.


The Dream Team is a group of six New Yorkers, some of whom are New York natives and one of whom is an immigrant to the city, consisting of the primary player characters: Pete the Plug, Kingston Brown, Sofia Bicicleta, Ricky Matsui, Kugrash, and Misty Moore.

They have all been individually awakened into the Unsleeping City, with Kingston, Misty, and Kugrash having been awakened prior to the events occurring at the start of the first season, and Ricky having also been brought in, though he was a more recent addition to the city's awakened population, clear in his induction by the Questing Blade only eleven months before. Pete and Sofia, on the other hand, are awakened within the span of the first episode.

Due to not only the death of Kugrash, but also the departure of Misty Moore from New York in The Unsleeping City, two new characters have replaced them in The Dream Team as of The Unsleeping City: Chapter II; Iga Lisowski and Cody Walsh, played by Siobhan Thompson and Brian Murphy respectively.


Name Player Race/Class Details
Pete the Plug Ally Beardsley Human;

Wild Magic Sorcerer

Chosen by Nod to become the Vox Phantasma of the Sixth Borough.
Kingston Brown Lou Wilson Human;

City Domain Cleric

Chosen by The Great Dragon of Bleecker Street to become New York City's Vox Populi.
Sofia Bicicleta Emily Axford Human;

Way of Shadows Monk/Hexblade Warlock

Staten Island native. Chosen One of the Order of the Concrete Fist. Warlock of The Great Cat, La Gran Gata.
Ricky Matsui Zac Oyama Human;

Oath of Redemption Paladin

Firefighter and social media star. Chosen hero of the Questing Blade.
Kugrash Brian Murphy Rat-Man;

Circle of the Shepherd Druid

A steward of the city who lives in the sewers and cares for the homeless.
Misty Moore Siobhan Thompson Faerie;

College of Lore Bard

Broadway diva.
Cody Walsh Brian Murphy Human;

Oathbreaker Paladin

A mall goth without a mall.
Iga Lisowski Siobhan Thompson Human;

Genie Warlock/Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer

A Polish tarot reader and fortune teller. Launders money for a number of eastern European crime families. Has a stable family life.


The Dream Team first met on the steps of the New York Public Library as they were headed to meet Alejandro Ortiz, having coalesced into a single group out of two separate groups of three, with Ricky, Kingston, and Pete as one group and Sofia, Misty, and Kugrash as the other. Kingston, Misty, Kugrash, and Ricky, already acquainted with one another, introduced themselves to Sofia and Pete, the latter having initially lied and said his name was Jeffrey.

After investigating Times Square at Alejandro's request and defeating Santa's mutant clones, the Dream Team remained in contact with each other for quite some time as they unraveled the secrets of the Unsleeping City and saved the city multiple times when it was at large with forces of evil.

While the Dream Team is never officially referred to as such within the season, it has become the name of their group outside of canon, having been called that numerous times by both the cast and crew.


  • Though the Dream Team is called what it is because it fits the standard definition of one, "a team of people perceived as the perfect combination for a particular purpose", the name is also possibly a play on the fact that much of the Unsleeping City's mechanics is built on the basis of dreams. For example, Pete the Plug is the Vox Phantasma, otherwise known as the Voice of Dreams.
  • There was a previous generation of the Dream Team consisting of a younger Kingston, Misty, Alejandro, and Jackson.
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