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"In your wildest dreams, what would you like to look like?" Madam Silvaine

The Gilded Coin is an upscale clothing store in southwest Elmville.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring the Gilded Coin
Fantasy High


The smell of perfume and incense waft in your face as soon as you enter and flying around is a little winged creature, possibly an imp, with a long nose and spectacles. It is run by Madam Silvaine, an elderly half-elf. The Seacaster family are frequent customers.


At the insistence of Fabian Seacaster, the Bad Kids visit the Gilded Coin so that Adaine Abernant can spend her 45 gold piece gift card (a gift from Fabian, of course) on a makeover so that she no longer has to wear her old Hudol uniform. She purchases a pair of cool skinny jeans, a dark blue t-shirt with a faded arcane polygon-like rune symbol on it, and a wool-lined denim jacket with a ton of very small pockets, also known as the Jacket Of Useful Things.

Bill Seacaster's coat was also made here. It has great patchwork and explodes.

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