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The Gold Gardens is Garthy O'Brien's pleasure house on Leviathan. It offers entertainment, gambling, and sex work, as well as some health and wellness services, such as massages and acupuncture. Residents across Leviathan visit to lose the money they just got as a pirate.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring the Gold Gardens
Dimension 20 LIVE
Pirates of Leviathan


It's an amalgam of different boats, coracles, frigates, schooners, and junks, which have been turned into a renovated campus full of theaters, casinos, brothels, and more, akin to a pirate Moulin Rouge. Drawing weapons inside is against the rules and grounds to be immediately kicked out.

When Detect Good an Evil is cast, a faint celestial aura is able to be seen encompassing all of the Gold Gardens. In fact, the entire complex is built as part of a complicated celestial rune with Garthy's quarters in the center. It's guarded by large, golden doors and two guards.

Room rates at the Gold Gardens range from two gold pieces a night, up to 10 gold for a nicer room with amenities, as well as a 50 gold piece premium pass for a suite. Patrons who stay in a room receive a free tattoo, and while they won't force anyone to get one, it cannot be waived.


Dimension 20 LIVE[]

The Bad Kids travel to the Gold Gardens looking for information from Garthy O'Brien, and then stay the night in one of its suites with access to entertainment and substances for a rate of 300 gold pieces. It is also where they first encounter Captain James Whitclaw and his crew.

Pirates of Leviathan[]

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