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Warning!! Spoilers ahead!!
This page contains major plot spoilers! If you have not seen up to
Episode 15 of A Starstruck Odyssey, proceed at your own risk.

The Gunner Channel is the PC adventuring party in A Starstruck Odyssey; a group of Proldiers and crew of The Wurst.


The Gunner Channel is the crew of The Wurst (formerly The Red Hot). They are a group of space proldiers working their way up in the galaxy.


Name Player Race/Class Details
Margaret Encino Ally Beardsley Human; Politician Persuit Scholar, Operator (Rank 2) Former United Free Trade Planets executive and co-owner of the Wurst.
Sundry Sidney Emily Axford Android (Ryn); Path of the Corsair Sentinel, Gunner (Rank 2) Beta version of a discontinued, multipurpose android and gunner aboard The Wurst.
Big Barry Syx Brian Murphy Human Clone (Shistavanen); Ballistic Approach Berserker, Gunner (Rank 2) Former member of the Barry Battalion and gunner aboard The Wurst.
Riva Siobhan Thompson Aguatunisian (Kalashtar); Way of Suggestion Consular, Coordinator (Rank 2) A psychic putty monger on their gallivant and comms officer aboard The Wurst.
Gunthrie Miggles-Rashbax Lou Wilson Human (Cyborg); Gadgeteer Engineer, Mechanic (Rank 2) A cyborg in debt and engineer abroad The Wurst
Skip Zac Oyama Cerebroslug (Human); Lethality Practice Operative, Pilot (Rank 2) Cerebroslug Prince in control of Norman Takamori's body.
Norman Takamori Zac Oyama Human; Lethality Practice Operative, Pilot (Rank 2) Former Americadian pilot and the captain of The Red Hot.
Handy Annie Brennan Lee Mulligan Robotic Hand; Familar Sundry Sidney's hand and familar.
Princeps Zortch Brennan Lee Mulligan Rubian; N/A Royal of Rubian V, powerful psychic, and chef aboard The Wurst.
Gnosis Brennan Lee Mulligan AI; N/A Deific artificial intelligence from the core of Rubian IV.
Aurora Nebbins Brennan Lee Mulligan Royal Blue Mastiff; N/A Hostage turned companion of Sundry Sidney and the crew.



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