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The Hangvan is Gorgug Thistlespring's van, bought from his parents Wilma and Digby, and the Bad Kids' primary mode of transportation during their sophomore year adventure. It is powered by the celestial Zaphriel.

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The van itself is a rusty, old, clunker van, but it works. There's a secret panel inside that can be opened by pushing a specific button. There are plans for the Thistlespring's satellite in the glove compartment. The van can also turn into a boat, which is the inspiration for Gorgug's song, "My Van is a Boat, and My Boat is a Van".

The planetar Zaphriel is a bald, blue-skinned angel with a huge set of wings. He wears a puka shell necklace. He is the Spirit of Endless Sky Towards Late Afternoon on a Day at the Beach with Your Feet in the Warm Sand, Just Being Chill as Hell. He is extremely mellow and positive, even in alarming or dangerous situations. He is also very friendly and helpful, like letting Gorgug know that the van can turn into a boat, or alerting him telepathically when something's going on.


  • Amphibious Mode - used to change into a boat and cross the Celestine Sea
  • Prolonged spell duration - with Zaphriel installed, any spell cast onto the hangvan can be prolonged with the use of his celestial energy
    • Moon Haven - described as acting like a combination of a Magic Circle and Leomund's Tiny Hut spell, Tracker is able to use her connection with Galicaea to create a Moon Haven around the van at night to protect the party from Kalina while they sleep
  • Hallow - the Hangvan, being set as a location, was permanently infused with Kristen's Hallow spell, eliminating the need for Moon Haven to be cast every night to protect the party against Kalina
  • Communication - the Hangvan is able to communicate telepathically with Gorgug
  • Satellite Launch - the Thistlesprings appear to have used the van to launch a satellite into orbit


Wilma and Digby Thistlespring owned the van for over 22 years. At the end of freshman year, they used it to transport and launch their own satellite. Gorgug asks to borrow it as an alternative to driving Jawbone's car since it can hold more people, and they offer to sell it to him. He buys it from them for 35 gold (a suggestion from Adaine, as he initially offered 1000).

Zaphriel is a celestial being that was captured by demons and trapped in a sapphire using Magic Jar. He was cast out of Paradise and is considered "semi-fallen", but still prefers to reside in the Sapphire where there is a private beach, some coconuts and a hammock.


The Bad Kids come across Zaphriel at the Hotel Cavalier in a bag of gems stolen from the coat room. It is later found that this bag belonged to Garthy O'Brien, but the Bad Kids do not return it to them. Once they return to Gorgug's van, he puts the gem into the tape player, which allows the celestial to speak to them through the radio. It can also communicate telepathically with Gorgug, power the van without the need for gas, and control some interior functions of the van, but it cannot drive itself. Zaphriel does not remember his own name, so Gorgug calls him "Van" for the time being.

As the party comes upon the shores of the Celestine Sea as they decide to head towards Leviathan, Zaphriel mentions that the van can change into a boat, prompting Gorgug to give it a new name, "Boat". While sailing, the Hangman is strapped to the top of the van, which it is not very happy about. The fans of the show are much more clever than the players are, and began to call the van the "Hangvan", as it functions similarly to Fabian's bike, the Hangman. The players soon adopted this nickname, but still often refer to it as just "the van".

Once the party reaches Leviathan, it gets repossessed by the bosun, Jamina Joy. The Bad Kids, with the help of Cathilda's reputation and Fig's rock music demonstration, are able to buy it back from her for 100 gold. This is "paid for" by Alistair Ash, though later turns out to have been a ruse. As they travel through the city on their way to Garthy O'Brien, they stop in an alley in Four Castles, as navigating Leviathan in a large vehicle can get tricky. After they meet Garthy, Zaphriel contacts Gorgug to let them know that the van, with several of their hirelings inside, is being attacked. The party joins them to help, and they successfully make it back to the Gold Gardens, Riz driving over some pirate bandits on the way.

At the Gold Gardens, the van, alongside the Hangman, is kept in a "stables" area. When Fabian gets in trouble in Crow's Keep and the Hangman breaks out of the stables in the middle of the night to help him, Zaphriel speaks to Gorgug and wakes him up, alerting him of the possible danger. They find Fabian injured and dangling from the rigging, and he is brought back in the van. During the fight against Captain James Whitclaw, the Bad Kids tell Gilear to use the van to go and get Garthy to help them fight, but he ends up crashing it almost immediately after getting in.

After Leviathan, the van isn't used for much more than a Kalina-safe shelter while the party sleeps, as they befriend Ayda Aguefort, who can move them around with teleportation and Plane Shift, and since the forests of Fallinel, Arborly, and Sylvaire make it hard for the van to traverse. Instead, the van is usually left with Gilear, who stays put while the kids go on their side quests. In Fallinel, as the party sleeps one night, Gilear somehow gets himself trapped up in the wheel well.

While in Arborly, Gorgug talks to the tinkerers in the Tinkerer's Hall about a way to extend the signal on his crystal. He remembers that his parents used the van to launch their own satellite, which he finds the plans to in the glovebox. Before the Bad Kids head off into the Forest of the Nightmare King, in an effort to rid himself of the curse on Kalvaxus's dragon hoard, he removes Zaphriel from the tape deck and gives the van to the tinkerers.

Inside the Forest of the Nightmare King, Zaphriel is banished from the gem to the Goddess of Mystery's cottage.

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