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The Jeff Goldblum Episode is the fifth episode of Adventuring Party. The main cast of Dimension 20 answers fan questions following the fifth episode of A Crown of Candy.




Questions Asked[]

  • "Brennan, what the fuck, how dare you?"
  • “Did any of the cast see this twist or any part of it coming? Or what did they think might happen? P.S. Damn you, Brennan, you evil genius.”
  • “Thanks to you all for being a shining light during quarantine and even before it. The content you create is impeccable and a joy to watch and re-watch. Have you ever thought of releasing themed dice for each season?”
  • “Wouldn't Theobald's recommendation and the Emperor's choice still be valid regardless of the Pontifex's decision?”
  • "What's the hardest part of running or being a part of a game where politics are key? What is your favorite part of being in a game like this?"
  • “What's everyone's favorite relationship dynamic this season? Loving the show, gang.”
  • “If the battle sets are made in advance, and if the Amethar excommunication was improv, what were you planning on doing with the church otherwise?”
  • “Excluding Lapin's stuff in this episode, what is something that happened in all of D20 that another player did that you were not a part of that, in Emily's words, made you cream your jeans?”
  • “Love the show with every fiber of my being. What I wanna know… What I wanna know is how much Game of Thrones and its characters has impacted the characterization of the PCs and NPCs?”
  • “Hi, gang, this season is already so excellent. It might be my favorite one yet. I wanted to ask— I wanted to ask about how, in such a lore-intensive story, how character creation went. Was everyone given lore to inspire everyone on the kinds of characters they can make, or was lore concocted around the types of characters they made?”
  • “Hi, love your stuff. Truly makes me smile every time I watch. If A Crown of Candy were a TV series like Game of Thrones, who would you want to play your characters, excluding yourselves?”
  • “First, y'all's hair looks amazing. Congrats on winning at hair. Second, which of the armors of sin from Fantasy High: Sophomore Year could each of the cast wear the longest?"
  • “How do you go about introducing D&D to someone who never played or heard of it before? I wanna play with my family, but I need to convince them of the game first. Love you guys. Keep doing this amazing show, and stay safe.”
  • “Gang, love the storytelling and acting. Truly entertaining performances on all D20 shows, especially A Crown of Candy. Brennan, what is your main motivation in crushing everyone's hopes and dreams in the stories that you tell?”
  • “Would you self-describe as a Wake Me Up Inside person, a Wake Me Up When September Ends person, or a Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go person?”