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The Lieutenants (also known as the Vile Villains) is the PC adventuring party from Escape from the Bloodkeep.


The Lieutenants are a group of six high-ranking individuals from the Forces of Darkness that operate under the orders of Zaul'Nazh as his council of advisors.

A number of the group have served as Lieutenants for centuries, if not millennia, while others are relatively new additions, though still well-established. From disparate backgrounds, they initially do not collectively get along, until the events at the Bloodkeep force them to begin to work together.

Each a powerful figure of evil, they nonetheless have a great capacity to care for and protect each other despite their initial conflicts.


Name Player Race/Class Details
Efink Murderdeath Amy Vorpahl High Elf;

Grave Domain Cleric

A daughter of Light turned to the service of Gogmoth, Efink is an oracle to Zaul'Nazh whose dramatics cover a deep self-doubt.
Sokhbarr Mike Trapp Kashai;

Beast Master Conclave Ranger

Known as the Bog Lord, Sokhbarr cares deeply for the animals of the Beast Pits - but none more so than his companion, J'er'em'ih.
Leiland Matthew Mercer Pactwraith;

Hexblade Warlock

Widely known as Kraz-Thun the Umbra Knight, Leiland is the leader of the Vinguri - and utterly devoted to his lord.
Lilith Erika Ishii Drider;

Circle of the Shepherd Druid

Once fearsome figure from the dawn of time, Lilith is now a doting mother simply trying to keep things in order.
Maggie Rekha Shankar Tiefling;

Path of the Berserker Barbarian

The daughter of Gogmoth and girlfriend to Zaul'Nazh, Maggie strives to stand apart as her own person in the Forces of Darkness.
Markus St. Vincent Ify Nwadiwe Human;

Pirate Rogue

Markus is in the business of money and revenge. An ousted heir to a sky kingdom, he'll work with Zaul'Nazh only until a better deal comes along.


Summoned to a meeting with Zaul'Nazh, the Lieutenants converge in the Bloodkeep, sure that this will be but another average meeting with their incorporeal leader. Lilith and Efink, long friends, poke fun at the lower ranks of Gorgar, while Maggie and Leiland butt heads over their overlapping devotion to Zaul'Nazh, Markus grows antsy for his money and revenge, and Sokhbarr remembers why he prefers animals.

When they assemble, however, to listen to Zaul'Nazh's orders, the worst occurs - leaving them high and dry with the Forces of Light at Gorgar's doorstep. Desperate to preserve their positions of power, they agree to work together, leaving the rest of Gorgar to fend for themselves as they race to save their jobs and the Bloodkeep.