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The Magical Misfits are a group of American exchange students at Gowpenny Academy of Arcane Arts. Despite being 6th years, they are all new to magic as part of the school's foreign exchange pilot program.



Name Player Trope Wand Broom Details
Whitney Jammer Lou Wilson Daring Athlete Bamboo; Steel Core The Bolting 4000 (aka Whip) Point guard for his high school varsity basketball team in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois.
Karen Tanaka Erika Ishii Firstborn Caster Lilac wood; Pink diamond Core Blocker's Broom Better known by her online handle xXBrokenDreamXx, or just Dream. A huge Harry Potter fangirl from Seattle, Washington with dreams of being a powerful dark witch.
Samantha Butler Danielle Radford Charismatic Slacker Cherry wood; Mirror Core Suave Sweeper A Twitch streamer from Portland, Oregon better known by her streamer name Sam Black.
Evan Kelmp Brennan Lee Mulligan Haunted Survivor Dogwood; Parchment Core A Broom I Can't Get Rid Of No Matter How Hard I Try (A janitor's pushbroom) A homeless orphan from Millersburg, Iowa with a dark shadow tormenting him, causing misfortune to everyone and everything close to him.



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