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The Maidens are an adventuring party from Aguefort Adventuring Academy made up of the seven female students who were kidnapped as part of Kalvaxus's scheme.


The party is made of up seven girls of varying backgrounds and ages. They appear to get along very well together, as they spend a lot of time together and frequently attend parties at each others houses. However, the group is not without its own romance drama as several of the girls crush on Skrank Douglas.


Name Player[1] Race/Class Details
Penny Luckstone Becca Scott Halfling; Arcane Trickster Rogue Riz Gukgak's babysitter, and one of the first girls to go missing before the start of the school year.
Sam Nightingale Persephone Valentine Water Genasi; Storm Sorcerer/Glamour Bard Penelope Everpetal's best friend and Johnny Spells's girlfriend. She is the first girl to be kidnapped during the school year.
Ostentatia Wallace Isabella Roland Dwarf; Forge Cleric Kidnapped during Cool Kids, Cold Case at a party she hosted. In a love triangle with Danielle and Skrank Douglas.
Zelda Donovan Brennan Lee Mulligan Satyr; Totem Warrior Barbarian Gorgug Thistlespring's girlfriend, kidnapped during First Kisses and Last Words.
Antiope Jones Aabria Iyengar Human; Monster Slayer Ranger/Arcane Archer Fighter Kidnapped before the start of the school year. Related to Corsica Jones.
Katja Cleaver Rekha Shankar Half-Orc; Battle Master Fighter Kidnapped before the start of the school year.
Danielle Barkstock Erika Ishii Half-Elf; Shepherd Druid Kidnapped before the start of the school year. In a love triangle with Ostentatia and Skrank Douglas.


Much like the Bad Kids, the Maidens come together in a rather unofficial way. As part of Kalvaxus's plan to return to power, he needs seven maidens chained at the mouth of his lair. Over the course of the school year, several students at Aguefort Adventuring Academy who were working for him, Penelope Everpetal and Biz Glitterdew, as well as Adaine Abernant's sister, Aelwyn, collaborate on a scheme to locate and kidnap these maidens from the school. Several of the girls were kidnapped before the first day of the Bad Kids' freshman year, including Antiope Jones, Katja Cleaver, Danielle Barkstock, and Riz Gukgak's babysitter, Penny Luckstone. Her disappearance, as well as the disappearance of the other girls, serves as part of his motivation to investigate the mysteries surrounding Aguefort. Corsica Jones, a relative of Antiope's, becomes the school's Fighter teacher in an effort to get closer to the mystery and save her, though being a fighter, she doesn't get very far in the investigation.

Sam Nightingale is the next to go missing, which leads the Bad Kids to learn about Johnny Spells and his involvement in the plan. On a bench at Arkon Gas Station and Garage where Johnny and his gang practice dancing, they find a crystal, which they later learn is a palimpsest containing Sam. They enlist Biz for help getting her out, but as he's working for Kalvaxus, he steals her palimpsest and "injures" himself to cover his tracks.

The Bad Kids arrive at Ostentatia Wallace's house for a party where they catch Aelwyn Abernant in the act of sealing Ostentatia into a palimpsest too. They fight to stop her, but the crystal is lost in the scuffle. Later, they investigate Aelwyn's room to find that Zelda Donovan is their next victim, and they rush of to save her. They arrive at her house too late, and the seventh maiden is collected.


When the Bad Kids defeated Kalvaxus and the Maidens were rescued, Kalvaxus was Revivified so that the girls could kill him again as revenge for kidnapping them for a majority of the school year. After that, they became an official adventuring party. They often travel together to places outside Solace where there isn't any crystal reception, including a trip to the Red Waste during the Bad Kids' sophomore year to hunt down Kalvaxus's eggs to prevent another evil dragon rising to power.

In the summer before the Bad Kids' junior year, Fig Faeth, Kristen Applebees, Adaine Abernant, and Ayda Aguefort join the Maidens on a mission to kill Hyperia the Gorgon queen of Throshk.


  1. The members of the Maidens were NPCs during Fantasy High and Dimension 20 LIVE, and were all played by Brennan Lee Mulligan until The Seven.
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