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The Seven is the tenth season of Dropout's Dimension 20. It is set in the Fantasy High universe.

The campaign follows the titular Seven Maidens, who were united as an adventuring party on Prom Night as they were chained to the mouth of Kalvaxus's lair. A year and a half later, several of the girls are about to graduate, and several others have received unique opportunities, or encountered certain expectations that threaten to tear their group apart.

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Player Characters[]


Major NPCs[]

Supporting NPCs[]

Minor NPCs[]


Minor Antagonists[]



  • Mirror of the Past
  • Mirror Shard Friendship Bracelets
  • Bylaws of the Greater Solisian School District
  • Mirrors of the Eidolons
  • The Legendarium Extrordia
  • Earrings of Diamond Charm
  • Antiope's Magical Kicks
  • Dragon Slayer Bow
  • Sunforger


  • Elmville
    • Aguefort Adventuring Academy
    • The Compound
    • Everpetal Home
    • Skullcleaver Manor
    • Luckstone Home
    • The Wallace Residence
    • The Holly Tree
    • Zelda's House
    • Pawn Shop
    • Elmvile Train Station
  • Bastion City
    • Museum of Questing History
    • Ministry of Adventuring
    • Slappy McFinnigan's
    • Slamburger
  • The Mountains of Chaos
    • Kalvaxus's Lair
    • Temple of the Earth Defiant
    • Pilgrim's Pass
  • The Baronies
    • Gravalvia
    • The Rombosa
  • The Necromikron
    • Fire Arena
    • Earth Arena
    • Cathedral of Bone



Dimension 20- The Seven Trailer


  • The season was filmed in May 2021.[2]
  • Having a 7th PC to portray Zelda was something that was discussed, but what ultimately stopped it from even being a conversation is that they could not safely fit a 7th PC in the space they had and under the time constraints they had.[3]
  • This is the second season to be recorded in-person in the Dome after recording remotely during the COVID-19 quarantine.
    • Each member of the cast was filmed in the same room but with their own camera, as all cast and crew were maintaining social distancing, so this season does not feature group shots. For more information about the safety protocols and guidelines we followed, please refer to video announcement.
  • This is the first campaign to feature battle maps using Talespire instead of physical sets or 2-D maps on Roll20.
    • Production Designer Rick Perry designed all of the battlemaps. The Dimension 20 crew worked closely with Talespire to develop the program for their unique needs.
    • The use of Talespire is part of the reason for the 10-episode length, to test and perfect the program's implementation before potentially using it for longer seasons in the future.[4]
  • It is the fourth season to feature prior cast members: Aabria Iyengar, Erika Ishii, and Rekha Shankar return for a third time each, the most so far of the non-Intrepid Heroes cast.


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