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This page contains major plot spoilers! If you have not seen up to
Episode 10 of The Seven, proceed at your own risk.

Names are hard. Here are some quick explanations to jog your memory. Beware, spoilers ho!

Characters introduced in Fantasy High and Dimension 20 LIVE can be found in the Fantasy High NPC Guide and Dimension 20 LIVE NPC Guide, respectively.


PC Families[]

Corsica Jones

Human - Alive

Hector Jones

Human - Alive

Athena Jones

Human - Alive

Antiope's older sister and the Fighter teacher at Aguefort Adventuring Academy. Antiope's hot father. Antiope's mother. A master tactician.
Ajax, Prospero, and Ulysses Jones

Humans - Alive

Rebecca Everpetal

Human - Alive

Gideon Everpetal

High Elf - Alive

Antiope's older brothers. Prospero and Ulysses are an Eldritch Knight and Gunslinger, respectively. Penelope Everpetal's human mother, and Sam's adoptive mother. Getting a divorce after Penelope's death. Penelope Everpetal's elven father and Sam's adoptive father. In Fallinel with his blonde secretary. Getting a divorce after Penelope's death.
Camille Nightingale

Unknown - Alive

Bonnie Luckstone

Halfling - Alive

Danny Luckstone

Halfling - Alive

Sam's biological mother. Transphobic. Wants to use Sam's transition as a publicity stunt to get her back into the spotlight. Penny's mother. Runs the family tavern. On a tight schedule. Hid a letter from the Society of Shadows from her. Knows everything about Penny (and her 19 younger siblings), but doesn't know her. Penny's father. A stay-at-home dad. Hired as an emergency crier at the Elm Valley Mall. A professor. (?)
Karl Cleaver

Orc - Alive

Lucia Wallace

Dwarf - Alive


Dwarf - Alive

Katja's orcish father. Legendary hero who claims not not yet be past his prime. Never home. Tells Lockwood to get Katja anything she wants as he expects he won't be back from his dungeon before she graduates. Ostentatia's mother. SHE'S NOT YELLING. SHE LOVES OSTENTATIA. Asks Ostentatia to ask her god for a miracle so that their cousin Chenzo can get more business. Spills the beans that negotiations with the Durinson Mithral Factory management is over and it will not be opening again. Ostentatia's grandmother. Worried that Ostentatia's beard is still patchy when she sees that she's shaved it.

Dwarf - Alive

Carmine Wallace

Dwarf - Alive

Alyria Hempstock

Elf - Alive

Ostentatia's cousin. A mechanic. Lucia Wallace asks Ostentatia if she can ask her god for a miracle so that more cars will break down and give Chenzo more business. Ostentatia's father. An unemployed mithral worker. Sells his mithral tools in order to buy Ostentatia more Revivify diamonds for the school year. Danielle's elven mother. Extremely absentminded. Loves Yelle's conviction and her... conviction.
Winona Barksdale

Human - Alive


Tree - Alive

Luckstone Children

Halflings - Alive

Danielle's human mother. Classic farmer lesbian aesthetic. Gives Yelle a really long hug. Danielle's third mother. The tree she lives in. Penny's 19 younger siblings. From oldest to youngest: Katie, Susie, Johnny, Bobby, BIlly, Jenny, Kathy, Becky, Joey, Nellie, Ollie, Wally, Dolly, Kenny, Kelly, Carrie, Dewey, Halley, and Lorie.
Jana Cleaver

Half-Orc - Deceased

Katja's mother. Member of the Ministry of Adventuring. Killed Tectonya Karkovnya. Killed by Katja Cleaver.

"Animal" Companions[]


Magical Horse - Alive


Car (elemental) - Alive


Magical Horse - Alive

Katja's favorite horse and best friend. Literally perfect. Eats all the soda syrup from the dispenser at Slamburger. Performs a 15-minute magical dance to summon more horses for the Maidens. Has flapping, clapping ass cheeks. Sam's car. Picks Zelda and Penny up for school. Has Zelda's name embroidered in the passenger side, and a tiny seat in the cupholders in the back for Penny. The magical horse summoned for Penny. A pony who isn't very good at Wisdom saving throws.

Magical Horse - Alive


Magical Horse - Alive


Magical Horse - Alive

The magical horse summoned for Ostentatia. Born of the heart of a dying star as the star wished to become a horse. Magic is centered around horseshoes. The magical horse summoned for Antiope. A princess on her planet. Colors match Antiope's makeup. The magical horse summoned for Sam.

Magical Horse - Alive

Strawberry Dancer

Magical Horse - Alive


Kodiak Brown Bear - Alive

The magical horse summoned for Danielle. The magical horse summoned for Zelda. A Kodiak Brown Bear summoned by Penny Luckstone as a replacement steed after destroying Candyheart.

Aguefort Adventuring Academy[]

Gorgug Thistlespring

Half-Orc - Alive

Riz Gukgak

Goblin - Alive

Penelope Everpetal

Half-Elf - Deceased

A member of the Bad Kids and Zelda's boyfriend. A member of Fig and the Cig Figs, a band managed by Lola Embers. A member of the Bad Kids who Penny babysat. Sam's former best friend, now Prom Queen of Hell. Sam moved in with her family after coming out as transgender. Betrayed Sam and let her boyfriend Johnny Spells capture her in a palimpsest to bring Kalvaxus back into power.
Fig Faeth

Tiefling - Alive

Arthur Aguefort

Human - Alive

Gilear Faeth

Wood Elf - Alive

A member of the Bad Kids and Sandra Lynn Faeth's daughter. A member of Fig and the Cig Figs, a band managed by Lola Embers. The principal of Aguefort Adventuring Academy. The vice principal of Aguefort Adventuring Academy. Atomic wedgied by Arthur Aguefort.
Maugly Dimweather

Human - Alive

Jawbone O'Shaughnessey

Human (lycanthrope) - Alive

Adaine Abernant

High Elf - Alive

Aguefort's librarian. Penny Luckstone considers consulting her. Aguefort's guidance counselor. Offers help to Penny Luckstone, who in turn tries to kiss Jawbone, which Jawbone stops before she can. Member of the Bad Kids and the Elven Oracle. Sam wondered if she would be able to divine anything about The Ending of all Things.


Sandra Lynn Faeth

Wood Elf - Alive


Bugbear - Alive


Hobgoblin - Alive

Fig Faeth's mother. Rescues the Maidens from Kalvaxus's cave alongside her griffon, Baxter. The ferrier at Skullcleaver Manor. The butler at Skullcleaver Manor. Not happy that Karl Cleaver won't be attending his daughter's graduation.

Horse - Alive

Bud Cubby

Halfling - Alive

Johnny Spells

Teifling - Deceased

One of Katja's many horses. An postal worker and Danielle's partner in environmental terrorism. They commend each other on their recent efforts to stick it to the man. Sam's ex-boyfriend. A sleazy greaser who trapped her in a crystal palimpsest. Didn't fuck, but now he can since he's dead and out of his warlock pact.

Bastion City[]

Joseph (the seven).png
Charity Blythe

Human - Deceased


Half-orc - Alive


Centaur - Alive

A member of the Ministry of Adventuring and Antiope's new boss. Counterspells Sam's attempt to Lightning Kalvaxus's skeleton in the Museum of Questing History. Fought with Tectonya Karkovnya at a party before Tectonya disappeared, witnessed by Lola Embers. A snitch. Probably slept with Preston. A tour guide at the Museum of Questing History. Just trying to do his job. A waiter at Slappy McFinnigan's. Harassed by the Maidens until he kicks them out.
Slamburger Fry Cook

Teifling - Alive

Lola Embers

Fire Genasi - Alive


Human - Deceased

Fry cook at Slamburger. Openly smokes behind the counter and rarely comes to work. Doesn't object when Cinnamon eats all the soda syrup from the dispenser. Ostentatia flirts with him. The agent for Fig and the Cig Figs. A felon. Has everyone's number. Camille Nightingale sends Sam her info. Her grandfather was a forge (a forge cleric or an actual forge is unclear). Charity Blythe's assistant at the Ministry of Adventuring. Takes his shirt off when Antiope asks for a replacement after burning hers and showing up to her new internship in just her sports bra. Has a tattoo on his chest of a chariot drawn by four horses. Very understanding of Antiope's "diarrhea" as he also suffers from stomach problems. Attacked Tectonya and the maidens as The Jester on the Rombosa. Killed by Tectonya via disintegrate.

The Mountains of Chaos[]


Dragon - Deceased


Human - Deceased


Monstrosity - Deceased

The dragon who had each of the maidens kidnapped to fulfill part of the prophecy to bring himself back into power. His skeleton is in the Museum of Questing History. A servant of Kalvaxus. Blown off the mountain. A monstrous combination of Displacer Beasts and Blink Dogs. The larges and armored leader of the Ether Beasts, and the Queen Harpy's right hand. Banished by Ostentatia Wallace and thrown into the forge by Logran Soulforger.
Ether Beasts

Monstrosities - Alive

Harpy Queen

Harpy - Deceased

Bird Brain

Harpy - Alive

A monstrous combination of Displacer Beasts and Blink Dogs. Slaughtered the village at Pilgrims Pass. An evil Fey and "queen" of The Mountains of Chaos. Originally a normal harpy, changed unintentionally by Talura. Killed by Danielle Barkstock. A harpy under the command of the Harpy Queen.
Asha Hammerheart

Dwarf - Deceased

Yvonna of the Sundering Hills

Dwarf - Deceased

Kora Ironbrow

Dwarf - Deceased

An ancient dwarven hero. One of the three most notable pilgrims to the Temple of the Earth Defiant with a big statue in its sanctum. Summoned back to her statue from the afterlife by Ostentatia Wallace. Has never met Logran Soulforger, angered by Katja Cleaver when questioned about her faith. Upset that even as a saint, she has never met her god. Ostentatia prays to her and Asha in turn, grants Ostentatia the commune spell. An ancient dwarven hero. One of the three most notable pilgrims to the Temple of the Earth Defiant with a big statue in its sanctum. An ancient dwarven hero. One of the three most notable pilgrims to the Temple of the Earth Defiant with a big statue in its sanctum.

The Baronies[]

Talcidimir Tallbreeze

Human - Alive

Dunston Tallbreeze

Human - Alive


Human - Alive

Airship magnate. Friend of Karl Cleaver and Tectonya Karkovnya. Wildly suntanned. Extremely rich. Going by the alias Boris at the party. Introduces Danielle to Tectonya. Polymorphed into an ape by one of Danielle's pixies. Flies away from the battle on a jetpack. Cousin of Talcidmir Tallbreeze. A playboy, loose with his money. Very goofy. Very into electrum. "Dommed" by Sam Nightingale. Tells Sam about flubectomies. Plays the harmonica. Put to sleep by Sam, stripped, and has his clothes stolen. Impersonated by Sam for the rest of the party. Majordomo on the Rombosa. Dressed beautifully along with a rabbit mask. Leads Danielle Barkstock to the upper dais. Socially savvy. Rides Sam Nightingale when she's a swan. Enjoys flying. Avoids Sam's spells and rolls away.
Michel Parnassus

Dragonborn - Alive


Half-Orc - Alive

Lysander Higgins

Gnome - Alive

Host/bouncer on the Rombosa. He has black scales and white horns, with a purple velvet coat. Knows Jana Cleaver. Charmed by Ostentatia Wallace into letting Ostentatia and Katja into the next upper level. Hooks up with Antiope Jones. Thick as hell. Guard on the Rombosa. Introduced to Ostentatia and Katja by Michel Parnassus. Benches 320 lbs. Employee on the Rombosa. Shines the shoes of nobles. Flirts hard and makes out with Penny Luckstone, has his bow tie spun by her. Shinned Tectonya and Penny's feet. Wearing a prank bow tie. Nearly killed after trying attack a bloppleganger. Shoved into a suit of armor by Zelda Donovan. Hooks up with Penny in a dark closet full of candles.

Constructs - Dispelled

A parasite that can be introduced into a body, using the host body to become a acidic ooze creature. Brought into the baronies as a wellness craze via flubectomies. Vulnerable to fire. Summoned by Preston.



Eidolon - Transcendent


Eidolon - Transcendent


Eidolon - Transcendent

The Eidolon of Death and youngest Eidolon. The only Eidolon still in her mirror, unintentionally released by Danielle Barkstock. Unintentionally changing the creatures of the Mountains of Chaos by being out in the world. Changed the Harpy Queen to fey as well as combining displacer beasts and blink dogs, making Kurraghran and the Ether Beasts. Follows The Maidens throughout Spyre. Met with Sam Nightingale in the Temple of the Earth Defiant. The two talked over their mutual fear and loneliness. Sam allowed Talura to use her mirror to see a vision. Talura saw that all her sisters left their mirrors. In return Talura granted Sam a class A quest so the maidens could graduate early. Talura fled to the Nekromikron to begin unmaking Spyre and the other planes to draw her sisters to her. Chose Sam Nightingale as her champion. The Eidolon of Time and eldest Eidolon. Chose Antiope Jones as her champion. The Eidolon of Water. One of the quadruplets. Chose Penny Luckstone as her champion. Does not pay the most attention and has a general good vibes attitude.

Eidolon - Transcendent


Eidolon - Transcendent


Eidolon - Transcendent

The Eidolon of Air. One of the quadruplets. Chose Zelda Donovan as her champion. Very stressed and anxious. The Eidolon of Fire. One of the quadruplets. Chose Ostentatia Wallace as her champion. Wants to be the first person to get one of Ostentia's bags. The Eidolon of Earth. One of the quadruplets. Chose Katja Cleaver as her champion. Loves horses.

Eidolon - Transcendent

The Eidolon of Life and second youngest Eidolon. Chose Danielle Barkstock as her champion. Talked to Danielle during Danielle's entrance onto the Rombosa. Spoke through Danielle in the final battle.



Human - Alive

The Society of Shadows

Various - Alive

The Council of Chosen

Various - Alive

Karl Cleaver's party wizard. Has brought Karl back to life many times. Put Jana Cleaver into a palimpsest. A secret society of elite rogues. The ruling body of Solace.
The Court of Stars

Elves - Alive

Tectonya Karkovnya

Earth Genasi - Alive

Laertes Astrindarius

Halfling - Alive

The ruling body of Fallinel. Member of The Society of Shadows. Master of disguise. Tries to convince Penny Luckstone to join the society. Unkowningly eats some of Candyheart. causing him to excessively puke and shit.
Logran Soulforger

Deity (Dwarf) - Alive

The God of The Forge. Ostentatia's god. Put The Eidolons in their mirrors but gave them a way to escape.