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The Sternwood is an enormous cursed forest growing on the prow of Leviathan.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring the Sternwood
Dimension 20 LIVE
Pirates of Leviathan


On the top of Leviathan's mighty deck, the vastness of many ships cobbled together, some enterprising pirates, long ago, sought to solve Leviathan's massive food problem by capturing a bunch of druids from the mainland, dragging them to Leviathan, and asking them to make farmland on top of the ship's deck. Undoing their bonds and gags, the druids answered this request by making the most massive cursed forest, summoning all sorts of wild animals and creating a terrifying dwelling place of beasts and monsters in the middle of this bustling metropolis. The Sternwood erupts from the rotting wood of the decks of the ships, an imposing dark and haunted forest. Here are there many parrots, familiars, monkeys, rats that have escaped here, and things wilder still. Howls and roars echo from the forest. The sun disappears behind the approaching storm clouds, and the sharp, crisp day that began fades into gray and murky twilight. You enter in the trees gnarled shapes twist into the suggestions of horrifying faces leering out at you from the branches. Many pirates are rumored to enter, but none are ever seen to leave, and some say the forest, be unnatural, can turn those that enter into beasts and creatures of the dark woods.


Leviathan Rock City[]

Alistair Ash advises against traveling through the Sternwood on the way to the Gold Gardens, and instead suggests traveling there by foot through Cannon Court, which is slightly safer.

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