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The Sylvan Sleuths is the PC adventuring party from Mice & Murder.



Name Player Animal/Class Details
Lars Vandenchomp Ally Beardsley Doberman

Battle Master Fighter

A veteran of the Schnauzer War and Sylvester's assistant.
Buckster $ Boyd Sam Reich Peccary

Mastermind Rogue

An oil tycoon from Texas and business partner of Squire Badger.
Gangie Green Katie Marovitch Weasel

Thief Rogue

A gravedigger(/robber) at Our Lady of Prayerful Paws and groundskeeper at Loam Hall.
Vicar Ian Prescott Raphael Chestang Owl

Eloquence Bard

The vicar of Tufting Meadows.
Daisy D'umpstaire Rekha Shankar Raccoon

Assassin Rogue

Buckster's associate who has a shady past.
Detective Sylvester Cross Grant O'Brien Fox

Inquisitive Rogue

A renowned detective hired to solve Connor McCabbage's deaths, and who is arguably past his prime.