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Warning!! Spoilers ahead!!
This page contains major plot spoilers! If you have not seen up to
Episode 11 of A Crown of Candy, proceed at your own risk.

The Taste Buds is the PC adventuring party in A Crown of Candy. It began as a fan-given name, but has since gained the approval of DM Brennan Lee Mulligan, and won a twitter poll for the unofficial party name on the Dimension 20 Twitter account. The group began as the royal family of Candia, two advisors, and the King's ward. Their party first came together as they formed a caravan to head off to Comida for the Grand Tournament.



Name Player Race/Class Details
King Amethar
of House Rocks
Lou Wilson Candy (Pop Rock);

Path of the Storm Herald Barbarian/Battlemaster Fighter

King of Candia
Jet Rocks
Emily Axford Candy (Black Licorice);

Rogue (formerly),

Battlemaster Fighter

Princess of House Rocks in Candia
Ruby Rocks
Siobhan Thompson Candy (Red Licorice);

Arcane Trickster Rogue/Shadow Sorcerer

Princess of House Rocks in Candia
Sir Theobald Gumbar Brian Murphy Candy (Gummy Bear);

Eldritch Knight Fighter

Lord Commander of the Tartguard in Candia
Chancellor Lapin Cadbury Zac Oyama Candy (Chocolate Bunny);

Celestial Warlock

Chaplain of Castle Candy in Candia; Primogen of the Bulbian Church
Liam Wilhelmina Ally Beardsley Candy (Peppermint);

Beast Master Conclave Ranger (formerly),

Gloom Stalker Conclave Ranger/Assassin Rogue

Ward of King Amethar; from House Jawbreaker
Cumulous Rocks Zac Oyama Candy (Cotton Candy);

Way of the Long Death Monk

A cousin to King Amethar of House Rocks
Queen Saccharina of House Frostwhip Emily Axford Candy (Ice Cream Sundae);

Storm Sorcerer/Tempest Domain Cleric

Daughter of King Amethar and Catherine Ghee and lawful heir of the Candian throne




  • The Dimension 20 Twitter held a poll for potential group names, but, as expected, "The Taste Buds" won. Other suggested group names included:
    • "The Munch Bunch"
    • "The Sweet Fleet"
    • "The Thad Kids"

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