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The Tiny Thieves is the PC adventuring party from Tiny Heist.



Name Player Race/Class Details
Agnes Jessica Ross Fairy; Bard Agnes is a fairy who loves nothing more than smoking and gambling.
Bean Griffin McElroy Bittyfolk; Way of the Shadow Monk Bean is a monk of the Watermelon Temple, whose community has fallen on hard times.
Boomer Coleoptera Clint McElroy Hercules Beetle; Battlemaster Fighter Boomer is a Hercules Beetle who works for Felix Flick, but his heart is devoted to the theatre.
Car-Go Jones Travis McElroy Car-Mo-Bot; Inquisitive Rogue A detective transforming car toy who doesn't trust the actions of Felix Flick.
Rick Diggins Justin McElroy Clicko; Mastermind Rogue Rick Diggins is a man of many faces and many identities, owes money to Garbanzo Buglass under most his identities
TI-83 Lily Du Bittyfolk; Artillerist Artificer A member of the Tik Teks, who lives in the teenage community centre, and has a love for explosions.