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The Unsleeping City: Chapter II is the seventh season of Dropout's Dimension 20 and its fourth Intrepid Heroes season. It is set in a magical version of New York City as a sequel to The Unsleeping City, Dimension 20s third season.

The campaign takes place in 2022, three years after the initial events of The Unsleeping City as the Dream Team, joined by two new faces, reunites to confront the unfettered capitalism presented by the massive media corporation Gladiator as it threatens both the dreaming and waking worlds.


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The Unsleeping City: Chapter II Locations
New York City
The Bronx, the First Borough Monastery of the Sacred Rat | 53\/3N's Place
Brooklyn, the Second Borough Clinton Hill Chantry | Helping Hands Homeless Outreach Center | Greenpoint | Greenwood Cemetery | Lorimer Street Station | Coop Village | Crown Heights
Manhattan, the Third Borough City Hall Station | Harlem | Uncommon Knowledge | Madame Anastasia's | Cosmo's | St. Owen's Hospital | Holland Tunnel | Macy's Parade | Grand Central Terminal | Chinatown
Queens, the Fourth Borough Queens Center Mall | Astoria | Neptune's Diner | Fairyland |
Staten Island, the Fifth Borough Spaghetti's Bakery | Monastery of the Midnight Sun
Other Ellis Island
Nod, the Sixth Borough Metropolitan Museum of Memories
Other Lisowski Chest | Faerie



The Unsleeping City- Chapter 2 Trailer


  • Due to Sofia and Pete's statuses as recovering addicts, Dimension 20 developed the Recovery System for players to use as they encounter stressors. This system can be found here.
  • This season began filming the weekend of August 1st, 2020.[2]
  • The editors for this season were Erin Hassidim and Amielee Eastin.
  • This is the second campaign (after Pirates of Leviathan) and first Intrepid Heroes season to be filmed remotely. As a result, it the first to feature battle maps using Roll20 instead of physical maps and minis.
    • These maps were still designed by Production Designer Rick Perry alongside Brennan, but they were made in cooperation with Eightfold Paper. Roll20 employee and fellow cast member Carlos Luna set them up and operated the battles.
    • Besides the general desire from the cast to return to their Unsleeping City characters, this remote filming setup contributed to the decision to return to an old setting instead of entering a new world for season seven. With the transition from battle sets to digital maps, Brennan felt it better to have at least some part of the new season be familiar to viewers.[3]
  • This is also the first season that a player returns to a setting in a new campaign as a different character.
  • Brennan began thinking about this season around early 2019, when Amazon's plans for an expansive corporate campus in New York City, and subsequent backlash, was in the news.[3]
  • The existence of Gladiator in both Tiny Heist and The Unsleeping City: Chapter II hints towards the headcanon Brennan has that the two campaigns take place in the same universe.[4]


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