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The Unsleeping City: Chapter II is the 7th season and 4th Main Quest of Dimension 20. It was released in fall of 2020 every Wednesday at 7pm Eastern with a total of 17 episodes. Unlike the previous two seasons, episodes were not streamed live on YouTube, due to difficulties in moderating the chats on both YouTube and Discord.

The campaign is a sequel to The Unsleeping City, a story of magical New York City, and the reunion of the Dream Team after three years. They are joined by two new faces and face off against mega-corporation and media giant Gladiator.

Due to the COVID-19 quarantine, the entire season was recorded remotely and is the first pre-recorded season to feature battle maps instead of sets and character minis.


Overall No. in
Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
94 1 The Fall of New York City Link 2020-11-11 2:38:35
Three years later, the Dream Team (and some new faces) reunites to face new threats.
95 2 Heaven & Hell on Earth Link 2020-11-18 1:40:52
Sofia and Dale have a date. Pete deals with Cody. The team hops on the subway.
96 3 The Mystery of the Haunted Subway Link 2020-11-25 2:08:06
The intrepid heroes must stop a runaway train filled with ghouls. Cody gets more mature.
97 4 We Need to Talk About Cody Link 2020-12-02 2:44:47
Pete digs into the memories of past Vox Phantasmas. The team investigates Iga's box.
98 5 Trouble at the Tunnel Link 2020-12-09 2:20:49
A battle breaks out at the Holland Tunnel to stop the onslaught of the Jersey Devil's minions.
99 6 Collaborators Link 2020-12-16 2:46:31
Pete confronts a mysterious threat. The gang takes a trip to Staten Island.
100 7 Parade of Peril Link 2020-12-23 2:15:24
The gang attends a holiday parade, but someone has sent in the clowns.
101 8 Feasts & Families Link 2020-12-30 2:25:22
The heroes of New York connect with friends old and new. Sofia faces judgment. Iga goes deeper.
102 9 Fight at the Museum Link 2021-01-06 2:17:39
The team ventures into Nod to confront a threat. An old friend returns.
103 10 Nulla Dies Umquam Memori Vos
Eximet Aevo
Link 2021-01-13 2:21:48
Sofia is tested. Past events are revealed. Nod explains a few things.
104 11 Let's Get Tiny Link 2021-01-20 2:23:30
Sofia sees a doctor. Iga learns more about her box. The gang gets tiny.
105 12 The Battle of the Hot Dog Cart Link 2021-01-27 2:08:55
The gang must protect the Monastery of the Sacred Rat from attacking ants. Cody has a bad day.
106 13 Of Rats & Dragons Link 2021-02-03 2:23:30
The gang reunites with an old friend, and get up to some big business in Chinatown.
107 14 History Checks and Lost Dex Link 2021-02-10 2:45:38
Sofia seeks guidance. Ricky questions his path. Pete meets a new ally. JJ makes a discovery.
108 15 For the Hoard! Link 2021-02-17 1:47:07
Iga faces a dire fate. Sofia reaches out. Kingston searches for something that's been lost.
109 16 Treachery at Gramercy Link 2021-02-24 2:33:04
The Order of the Concrete Fist and the Gramercy Occult Society fight for the fate of magic in NYC.
110 17 Two Sides of the Same Coin (Part 1) Link 2021-03-03 2:30:54
The fate of New York hangs in the balance as enemies in the Waking and Dreaming make their move.
111 18 Two Sides of the Same Coin (Part 2) [ Link] 2021-03-10 2:13:04
It all comes down to this - the heroes must hatch the dragon egg, or succumb to the forces of Null.

Airdates are Droupout release dates.