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The Unsleeping City is the 3rd season and 2nd Main Quest of Dimension 20. It was released in summer of 2019 every Wednesday at 3am Eastern with a total of 17 episodes. It was later released on YouTube to view for free on the one year anniversary of its finale.

The campaign takes place in a magical New York City, and follows a band of heroes, the Dream Team, and their exploits traversing both our non-magical world and the magical world.

This story continues three years after the events of the finale in The Unsleeping City: Chapter II.


Overall No. in
Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
25 1 Start Spreading the News Link 2019-07-09 2:09:15
A new band of heroes convenes on the mean streets of NYC: a Broadway legend, a devious rat and more.
26 2 Mutant Santa Melee Link 2019-07-16 1:28:12
Creepy Kris Kringles invade Central Park. Sofia packs a punch. Kugrash helps out an old friend.
28 3 Pigeon Plus Ones Link 2019-07-23 1:49:58
Kingston gets a new roommate. Misty receives an invitation. Pete learns more about himself.
29 4 Scramble in the Sewers Link 2019-07-30 1:29:20
The party battles pale gators and rat royalty. Sofia takes a leap of faith. Ricky carries the team.
30 5 A New York Wedding Link 2019-08-06 1:47:42
Kugrash reveals a secret. Misty injures herself in a confrontation. Pete's dreams become reality.
31 6 The War of Bugs and Rats Link 2019-08-13 1:53:07
The group defends Queens from gentrifying insectoid monsters. Sofia makes a powerful new friend.
32 7 We Need to Talk About Pete Link 2019-08-20 2:01:32
Pete's magic surges divide the group. Ricky makes a name for himself. Kingston runs into an ex.
33 8 Subway Skirmish Link 2019-08-27 1:52:36
Crooked cops haunt the L train. Kugrash is in his element. Misty steps up for a friend.
34 9 Borough of Dreams Link 2019-09-03 2:01:30
Sofia gets devastating news from a family member. Pete deep dives into Kingston’s past.
35 10 Panic at the Art Show Link 2019-09-10 2:19:44
Hell breaks loose when a fiery succubus incinerates a gallery. Misty slaps some sense into a friend.
36 11 Home for the Holidays Link 2019-09-17 2:03:23
Kugrash spends Christmas with family. Sofia burns a bridge. Ricky inspires Pete's new routine.
37 12 Broadway Brawl Link 2019-09-24 2:05:32
It's opening night for Misty's big show, and time for a showdown with Titania, Queen of the Faeries.
38 13 Faeries and Feces Link 2019-10-01 2:16:06
Misty is no Moore. Kingston plays poker with a motley group. Kugrash has an emotional reunion.
39 14 Showdown at the Stock Exchange Link 2019-10-08 2:35:07
Robert Moses & vampire stockbrokers attack FiDi. Pete cleans up his act. Sofia's out for blood.
40 15 Hall of Heroes Link 2019-10-15 1:58:40
Kugrash rights an old wrong. Ricky meets his heroes. Pete flexes his strength.
42 16 Times Squaremageddon Link 2019-10-22 2:17:01
Our heroes battle the American Dream itself for the fate of New York City. Sofia takes a great fall.
44 17 Times Squaremageddon Pt. 2 Link 2019-10-29 2:02:42
The fate of millions hangs in the balance as our heroes each fight for their American dream.

Airdates are Droupout release dates.