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The Wurst, previously known as The Red Hot, is an old mess freighter, currently captained by Norman Takamori and co-owned by Margaret Encino, Gunnie Miggles-Rashbax, Sundry Sidney, Big Barry Syx and Riva.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring the Red Hot
A Starstruck Odyssey


The Wurst is a large freighter ship shaped like a hot dog. The inner layout of the ship contains the gunner stations, crew's quarters, the captains' quarters, a lunch hall, and the engine room. Additionally, The Wurst features a system of pipes and tanks filled with water that allow Riva to traverse the ship. The lower deck of the ship has been rented out to Jib-Job as an office space for their employees. That and Margaret Encino, who previously rented out their escape pod as an office and living space, is the Wurst's main form of income.


The Red Hot was a former lunch freighter that was purchased by Norman Takamori after cashing out his pension.


Prior to being purchased by Norman Takamori, The Wurst served in a since-discontinued line of Americadian Space Brigade mass freighters, presumably for quite some time given that it is described as old during the first introduction to the ship.


  • The crew has a shared bank account with only one corporate card.
  • The ship shares its former name with a hot dog stand featured in the Starstruck comics, Episode 11 "Liar's Poker."