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Thimble Lane is the cul de sac in which the Tiny Heist campaign takes place. It is located in the heartland of America.


Thimble Lane is a street lined with sweet, little houses, and which ends in a cul de sac.


  • Swimming Pool - Located at the mouth of Thimble Lane
  • Teen Center - A community center for teens and home of the Tik Tek Bittyfolk.

  • Storm Drain - Located out by the curb, underneath is a dock-like, muck-covered shelf. It is cool and damp and the sound of deep, cold water running far below echoes up.
  • Private Card House - Belongs to Ruthie the Shell. A hot spot, a fun, jazzy little dive in an old, abandoned bird house near a drainage ditch at the edge of the neighborhood. It is partially mulched-over and submerged in grass where the dirt has grown up around it. On the first level is a bar, and upstairs is a private card game for high rollers. There is a back staircase to the high rollers room that avoids the main entrance, which someone could take to make a nice, shadowy escape from any crime lords they might owe money to. Card tables are felt caps on top of tooth picks, and shots are little bubbles of liquid perched perfectly on top of little ball-bearing-like metal things. Very high class.
  • Drainage Ditch - An extremely large concrete storm drain outlet, large enough for a human to fit in. The water that flows out of it is like a huge river to the smaller inhabitants of Thimble Lane, almost like being at the sea shore. This is where the water from the Storm Drain lets out, along with any toys it may have carried with.

Number Four[]

The Littles live at 4 Thimble Lane. The house has a backyard with a garden shed out back and a garage.



  • Dylan's Tent - A pitched, yellow canvas tent, located in the backyard out by an old tree with a bird house
  • The Heap - A compost heap, home of the Heaper Bittyfolk
  • An abandoned puppet theater


Bittyfolk and others[]

The Littles[]