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A world of big crimes... and small people. Join GM Brennan Lee Mulligan as he welcomes a new slew of players to Dimension 20 to pull off one last job: Griffin McElroy, Travis McElroy, Justin McElroy, Clint McElroy, Lily Du, and Jessica Ross! - Dropout.tv description

Tiny Heist is the fourth season of Dropout's Dimension 20 and second Side Quest.

The season stars a mix of players from the CollegeHumor cast and from the McElroy Family, from podcasts such as My Brother, My Brother and Me and TTRPG show The Adventure Zone. They play an assortment of toys and Bittyfolk on a mission to steal a roll of quarters.

The first episode is available to watch on Dimension 20's YouTube Channel. The full season can be viewed on CollegeHumor's streaming service Dropout.

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Player Characters[]


Major NPCs[]

Supporting NPCs[]

Minor NPCs[]


Minor Antagonists[]



  • Ballista
  • Bang Snaps
  • The Bus
  • The Dossier
  • Flamethrower
  • A can of Kautro Krazy
  • The Peanut
  • The Roll of Quarters
  • Vault Servers
  • The Vending Machine




Dimension 20 Tiny Heist - Sneak Peek


  • Peach [tumblr|twitter] created a homebrew race sheet inspired by Tiny Heist! Tiny Heist Races
  • The season was filmed over two Wednesdays in April 2019.
  1. As with many D&D games, Brennan incorporates many homebrew mechanics and house rules that may not be part of the rules as written.