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Tiny Heist is the 4th season and 2nd Side Quest of Dimension 20. It was released in January of 2020 every Thursday at 3am Eastern with a total of 6 episodes. The first episode is available on YouTube to view for free

The campaign follows the story of tiny thieves Bean, Car-Go Jones, Boomer Coleoptera, Rick Diggins, Agnes, and TI-83 in their heist to steal a roll of quarters.


Overall No. in
Title Transcripts Airdate Runtime
52 1 Big Little Crimes Link 2020-01-09 2:11:12
Toys, bugs, and bittyfolk make up a secret world. Now, six of them are teaming up for a big score.
54 2 Chicanery at Shoeby's Casino Link 2020-01-16 2:03:37
Bean makes friends all over. Ti creates a distraction. Rick saves a life.
56 3 Scheming and Scoring Fairy Dust Link 2020-01-23 2:03:12
Agnes gets some bad news. Inspiration strikes Boomer. The heat on Car-Go gets hotter.
58 4 Breaking and Entering Link 2020-01-30 2:06:52
Rick steals a new identity. Ti pulls a switcheroo. It all comes down to Bean.
60 5 Fighting with Fire Link 2020-02-06 1:55:38
Car-Go makes a threat. Agnes blows her cover. Ti turns up the heat.
62 6 The Great Chase Link 2020-02-13 2:06:41
With Felix Flick's crew in hot pursuit, the heist team speeds toward their final escape.