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Warning!! Spoilers ahead!!
This page contains major plot spoilers! If you have not seen up to
Episode 6 of Tiny Heist, proceed at your own risk.

Names are hard. Here are some pictures and quick explanations to jog your memory. BEWARE OF SPOILERS!


Felix Flick

Steward - Deceased

Marty Flick

Steward - Alive


Moocher - Alive

Crime boss who runs the Littles' home. Used to be a Heaper named Tip. Felix's younger brother. Very irresponsible and forgetful. Likes to gamble at Shoeby's. Used to be a Heaper named Tap. A gambler at Ruthie the Shell's high roller table. Has access to fairy dust and loses a bunch of it to Rick.
NPC Master Buttons.png
NPC Gyro.png
Master Buttons

Moocher (Heaper) - Alive


Moocher (Tik-Tek) - Alive


Moocher (Heaper) - Alive

Leader of the Heapers. Abbess and head of the Watermelon Temple. Sister of Gyro. Allows Bean to go to Trash City with Garbanzo Buglass. Leader of the Tik-Teks. Disapproves of TI-83 putting bombs on everything. Sister of Master Buttons. Allows TI-83 is go to Trash City with Garbanzo Buglass. Senior monk, under Master Buttons. Disapproves of Bean getting crackers from Dylan Little.
TI-83's Parents

Moochers (Tik-Teks) - Alive

Snow Pea and Rain Drop

Moochers (Heapers) - Deceased


Moocher (Heaper) - Deceased

They named TI-83 after a calculator. Allows TI-83 to go to Trash City with Garbanzo Buglass. Felix and Marty Flick's grandparents. Went on a scouting party to the Little house with Felix and Marty for supplies. Killed by Felix after refusing to stay at the house.

Steward - Alive

Pink Suit Steward

Steward - Alive

Works for Felix Flick. Helps Boomer run lines for his one-bug show. Aspires to be in the musical arts, and plans to write a musical with Boomer. Has a friend who knows someone that's been on the piano. Unnamed. Works for Felix Flick. Rick Diggins is unable to convince him to take the bomb out of Car-Go Jones's chest. Knocked unconscious by Car-Go Jones.



Dump Truck Car-Mo-Bot - Alive


Music Box Figurine - Alive


Muscle Car Car-Mo-Bot - Deceased

Sold Car-Go out to Felix Flick for payment. She keeps Felix in check and stops him from doing even worse than he already does, she pretends to be in love with/dating him to do this. Has a crush on Car-Go. One of Felix's gang, works as muscle. Car-Go slashed across the eye with his rapier tailpipe.
Rip Duggins

Clicko Man - Deceased


Clicko Man - Alive

Living Vehicles

Various Toy Vehicles - Some Alive, Some Deceased.

Works at Felix's vault as one of the front gate/check-in workers. Killed by Rick Diggins, then had his identity stolen by him. Works at Felix's vault. Likes to rub coffee on his face since he cant actually drink it. The animated toy vehicles that belong to/work for Felix Flick.


Ruthie the Shell

Snail - Alive

Storm Drain Sonny

Pill Bug - Alive

Garbanzo Buglass

Garden Beetle - Alive

Runs a card house with a special high-rollers table where Agnes and Rick play. A no-nonsense snail. A gambler at Ruthie the Shell's high roller table. Is very nervous-looking. Another crime lord, runs the burlesque and several other crime fronts in Trash City. Four out of five of Rick's identities owes him money. Recruits Bean and TI-83 to headline at Garbanzo's Burlesque.

Mouse - Alive

The Incredible Dantes

Turtle - Alive

Grass Coppers

Grasshoppers - Alive

A little mouse boy who runs errands for Agnes. An extremely spicy, illegal art dealer. Helps execute the heist. Infatuated with Bean, and a long time friend of Agnes. Undercover grasshopper cops at Shoeby's Casino. Playing snake on an old flip phone.
Mouse Doctors

Mice - Alive

Cosmo Cricket

Cricket - Alive


Ant - Alive

A group of mice doctors that dont understand the anatomy of organic and toys. Went to four days of medical school. Works at the First Aid Kit. The owner of The Lunch Pail in Trash City. Employee of The Lunch Pail. Gets Agnes a cup of battery acid.
Tony Manchego

Mouse - Deceased

Garbanzo's Goons

Beetles - Left Deceased, Right Alive


Centipede - Alive

Felix Flick's right hand man. Killed by Bean. Two of Garbanzo Buglass's goons who were sent to retrieve Marty Flick. A drunk centipede at The Lunch Box, laughs at Bean's jokes and joins in with the jokes about Car-Go Jones farting.

Mayfly - Alive


Mouse - Deceased

Boomer's Acting Apprentice

Cockroach - Alive

A fairy dust dealer, but not a good one. Has been bummed by all of Rick's personalities. Get tricked into giving eight bags fairy dust to Car-Go Jones. Works for Felix Flick. Wields a pin rapier. Killed by Bean and Boomer. A cockroach that just got out of prison, wants to get into acting. Starts going to Boomer's acting classes.



Fairy - Alive

Shoeby's Security Guards

Fairies - Alive

Pierre the French Fry

French Fry - Deceased

Young fairy who works at Shoeby's Casino. Adores Agnes, informs her that Marty Flick will be at Shoeby's. Two faries working for Shoeby's. Lived under the car seats with Rick Diggins. Was sucked into a vacuum cleaner.
Fun Gus

Mushroom - Alive


Unknown - Alive

The private security of Agnes' Garage. Was guarding Agnes' three vehicles for years. Sunlight hurts his body. TI-83 wants to eat him. Most people don't know what he is. Works for Felix Flick. May or may not be their birthday on the day of the heist.

The Little Family[]

Dylan Little

Human - Alive

Max Little

Human - Alive

Susan Little

Human - Alive

A little boy who lives in 4 Thimble Lane. He comes across Bean in his backyard and feeds the Heapers lots of crackers. Deathly allergic to peanuts, which Felix attempts to use to get rid of him and get even more control over the human's house. Dylan's older brother. He keeps a very messy room. He used to own several of Dylan's toys, such as Car-Go. Dylan and Max's mother. A play writing teacher.
Mr. Little

Human - Alive


Cat - Alive

The father of Dylan and Max and the husband of Susan. Shoveled up the Compost Heap, destroying the Watermelon Temple. The Little Family's pet cat.