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Tisching All Over the Place is the second episode of Adventuring Party (Season 4), which features the cast of Mice & Murder. They answer mod questions following the second episode.




From Brennan: Looking at episodes one and two as our "Act 1", where do we feel like our characters are at? What was everyone's emotional state regarding your fellow sleuths?

Grant and Rekha-- How did you decide to have this romantic past between your characters? Was that something you came up with, or is that something Brennan wanted?

Given that this was a murder mystery season, but there wasn't a murder until the end of episode two, did you spend a lot of those first two episodes guessing who it was who would get murdered? Were you surprised it was Squire Badger?

So many characters were introduced, which makes sense given that its a single location murder mystery and there needs to be lots of suspects and potential victims and red herrings. Did anyone have trouble keeping track of everyone?