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Tracker O'Shaughnessey is a young girl with lycanthropy who dropped out of school and lives with her uncle, Jawbone. Her family believes in Sol and kicked her out after she questioned their beliefs.

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Tracker is a young woman with lycanthropy. Unlike her uncle, she prefers to stay in human form. She has a unibrow and has an undercut on one side of her head. She is described as strong-looking, broad-shouldered and looks like a hiker. She wears boots and a shirt with the sleeves cut off that depicts three wolves howling at the moon. At the Golden Gardens in Leviathan, Tracker got a tattoo on her neck of her girlfriend Kristen's name.

Freshman Year[]

At the Black Pit, Tracker approaches Kristen. After talking a little bit, Tracker surprises Kristen with a kiss which she rejects. While they both apologize for mixed signals, Tracker goes into a rage because of the music by DJ Brainzz and turns into a werewolf.

Tracker and Kristen meet again at the Aguefort Adventuring Academy when Tracker is visiting her uncle, Jawbone. She sees Kristen's moonstones that she has been using to pray and offers to help her learn more about the goddess of the moon. She also gives Kristen her crystal number.

At the end of the series, Adaine Abernant moves in with Tracker and Jawbone. She also helps Kristen spread the gospel of YES!, amongst other things.

Fantasy High LIVE in Brooklyn[]

Before school one day, Tracker and Kristen are sitting in her room talking about Kristen's new god, YES!. Tracker believes they are having difficulty since Kristen is very visibly annoyed at her own god. She suggests changing the exclamation point to a question mark, and Kristen excitedly agrees. When Adaine goes in to bring Kristen to school, Kristen and Tracker are both naked and presumably had sex.

Tracker also helps in the battle against Occularia, Queen of Sight running in after Occularia tries to charm Kristen.

Sophomore Year[]

During their Sophomore Year adventure, Kristen asks Tracker to join them as a hireling.

During their quest to find the Nightmare King's crown, Kristen and Tracker briefly had a fall out in their relationship. Kristen had withheld from telling Tracker that Sandra Lynn had slept with Garthy O'Brien while they were staying on The Leviathan. Tracker was upset with Kristen for not telling her that Sandra Lynn slept with Garthy because Sandra Lynn was dating her uncle Jawbone.

Kristen eventually apologizes to Tracker, promising to be more forthright with her in the future, and they mend their relationship.

Spring Break! I Believe In You! (Part 2)[]

After The Bad Kids successfully retrieve the Nightmare King's crown, Tracker learns from Kristen about how the moon goddess that she worships, Galicaea, presents herself as a high-elven woman and has a werewolf side that she represses because the high elves in Fallinel view and worship Galicaea as a high elf.

Inspired by Kristen and her relationship with Cassandra, Tracker tells Kristen that she is going to leave Elmville for a few months and travel across Fallinel to investigate what happened to Galicaea and her church.

During the summer break, Tracker and Kristen say goodbye to each other. Kristen gifts Tracker a flag with the symbol of Tracker's Moon Haven and a lot of stars on it. Tracker then leaves Elmville to set off on her road trip across Fallinel with Ragh acting as her bodyguard.


  • Her phone number is 679-229-76
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