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Tufting Meadows is the village in which Mice & Murder takes place. It is located in England in an alternate version of Earth in which there are no humans, and is instead inhabited by anthropomorphic woodland creatures.


Tufting Meadows is a rainy country village in England located 90 minutes by train northwest of London. It is the ancestral home of the Brockhollow family and their estate, Loam Hall. In the middle of the village is a statue of King Charles, who is a Cavalier Spaniel.


The Brockhollow Family

Loam Hall Staff



Mice & Murder Locations
Tufting Meadows Loam Hall First Floor The Entrance Hall | The Ballroom | The Servants' Quarters | The Kitchen | The Elevator | The Dining Room | The Drawing Room | The Study | The Bathroom
Second Floor The Leisure Room | The Séance Room | The Secret Study | The Library | Mrs. Molesly's Bedroom | Squire Badger's Bedroom | The Bathroom | The Dressing Room
Other The Tower | The Basement | The Wine Cellar | The Oubliette
Other Our Lady of Prayerful Paws | The Docks
Other 22B Hampstead Street | Reichenbunny Falls