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Vertiq Alley is an alley near Gowpenny Academy of Arcane Arts full of magical shops and stores.


It is an alley in the quirkiest, British-est, most adorable cobblestone amalgamation of little shops. It is frequented by wizards of all kinds wearing weird robes and summoning poofs of smoke and magic.


Ace of Wands[]

A massive storefront reminiscent of a big-box store, labeled with a purple, bland-looking font. The storefront is clean and symmetrical in neutral tones. The doors open automatically and there is a tinkling of chimes as customers enter.

The Magical Misfits acquire their wands here, but do not remember their experience inside the store. They are each charged 4 gold pieces for their wands.

The Knave's Navel[]

A tavern.

The Streaking Straw[]

It is a fairly generic, dusty, dark old store that's covered with racks and racks of brooms. One aisle is dedicated to faster, sleeker, more technical sports brooms. They don't sell mops. The shopkeep is a man with super poofy, dusty brown greying hair. He has big muttonchops that travel around his mouth into a mustache.

The Magical Misfits acquire their brooms here. Evan Kelmp is charged 3 copper pieces for his, which is just the shop's janitor's pushbroom.

Merwyn's Minions[]

It is a normal shop that appears to continue to be outdoors once past the threshold, and looks like a petting zoo. There is a pen at the back of the store where customers walk into to receive their familiars, though not all familiars are animals. It smells like hay and animal poop, so customers are offered a piece of gum that lets off a strong smell that encases them in a sweet-smelling cloud.

Animals at Merwyn's Minions include, but are not limited to: cats; dogs; toads; a giant, sloppy hog; a tiny pink piglet; a chipmunk; a boa constrictor; and otters. The shop also has the capability to turn inanimate objects into familiars, even ones brought in from the outside.

The shop is staffed by Freya, who works the front desk, and another short, slender, elven-looking woman.

The Magical Misfits acquire their familiars here: Terminator 2, Jammer's Basketball, and Theodore. They are each charged 3 gold pieces as a discount for leaving the store quickly in the wake of Evan's gruesome effect on the other animals in the store.


The Chosen Ones[]


  • "Vertiq Alley" is a parody of "Diagon Alley" from the Harry Potter series. Like how "Diagon Alley" is a corruption of the word "diagonally", the name "Vertiq Alley" is a corruption of the opposite word, "vertically".