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"When God closes every door but one, you go through the one that is open! And that is what I did." ― Vicar Ian Prescott

Vicar Ian Prescot is the vicar of Tufting Meadows. He is played by Raphael Chestang.


"Who, me? Well, of course. My name is Vicar Ian Prescott. If you'll excuse me, there's so many people here, I'm not used to… I have a very small parish. I just have to gather my thoughts. I started out as a young priestling. That's not the actual word for it, but for you to understand what I mean, you understand what I mean when I say priestling. I was a little fellow. My father was in the ministry, my father before that, and they, well, they passed on a share of their flair, but maybe not so much. I didn't have as much of a helping of the eloquence that they had. The good Lord did not bless me so much with that, but what he did bless me with, I have not found yet, but I certainly have it and I'm able to do it here in Tufting Meadows. After I finished seminary, there were many places that I wanted to go, but none so much that the Lord deemed that they would want me. But here, here is where… When God closes every door but one, you go through the one that is open, and that is what I did! I'm an owl, by the way! I'm a full owl." Raphael Chestang


Vicar Ian is kind-hearted but very nervous and often tactless. He struggles with his faith, but has devoted himself to supporting the parish spiritually in his role as priest as well as politically by fighting for labor reform. Although his methods of providing solace to those in need of it are unorthodox, he is undoubtedly well-intentioned.


The Vicar is dressed in robes, a small black hat, and a classic priest's collar. He carries an anointed staff that curls at the top in a shape reminiscent of a shepherd's crook. His eyes are often open wide in surprise.






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