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Welcome to Denny's is the sixth episode of Adventuring Party. The main cast of Dimension 20 answers fan questions following the sixth episode of A Crown of Candy.




Questions Asked[]

  • “Zac rolled that nat 20 on the book and Brennan promised that he would get more insight of the nature of the bulb later. When is later? if you can't answer what's everyone's favorite Beardsley pop culture reference?”
  • "Hey everyone after nesting the episode, can we talk about the impact of having no preview this week and just that cut to black. So far my feelings would be summarized as one, what an incredible choice and two, Ow!”
  • “hey y'all hope you're staying safe. So you know you need to tell us about whatever the vote is now, right? You know now that Zoom messages show up, right? We demand to know or we'll be forced to shake the info out of y'all at Denny's thanks.”
  • “What were Lapin's other wishes from the Sugar Plum Fairy.”
  • “Question for all the players, did seeing a full player death occur change your approach to playing at all, obviously characters will be changed by the death but did you feel yourself actually play any differently after witnessing a PC die? Also shout out to the amazing editors who made an already dreadful episode somehow even more terrifying”
  • “Last time y'all cast your Crown of Candy characters. How would you cast your characters from the Unsleeping City”
  • “Please tell me something happy you did this week. I am less than okay after watching Episode Six, and I need to know you are all still enjoying happy and wholesome things in your actual lives.”
  • “Hey, gang, thank you so much for this riveting entertainment. My heart is still racing as I ask my question, which is, do you guys do anything to warm up together or just align your vibes as a party before a session? Thanks again, hope you're staying safe, Lots of love.”
  • “First while I've loved every P... First of all, I've loved every PC in D-20. I genuinely never loved and related to anyone more than Lapin. Thanks, Zac. Now serious question for Brennan. Bimathy, Belizabeth, Bonathan please explain.”
  • “Thank you guys for making such a funny show everyone is such a pleasure to watch. You guys are amazing. I wish I could describe how great everyone is. Thank you for making D-20.”