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"'Juice' on three, 'Madison' on six, 'family' on nine!" Whitney Jammer

Whitney "Sandwich Man" Jammer is an American exchange student at Gowpenny Academy of Arcane Arts. He is in Chimeron.


"Bro, you know I'm on the field. Or actually, probably in the gym. It's probably basketball practice. So, we're out here running drills. Whitney plays point guard for the team, so yeah, Whit is probably out here just practice passing drills, and you know, just basketball shit. Just general basketball shit. Lots of sweat, lots of screaming, lots of, "Two, two!" Yeah." Lou Wilson


Jammer is a very team-oriented and supportive individual and takes a lot of pride in both his personal athletic ability and his role as a team member, often thinking about daily situations in the context of sports. He draws strength from things that unify and connect him and his peers, even (especially?) if that thing is a "slur" for a group that he is no longer a part of. He is unendingly loyal to both new and old teammates and does what he can-- even at personal cost to him-- to help them feel better. His outlook towards dealing with interpersonal conflicts is to put on a game face and act like it doesn't phase you.

Jammer's wand, the "Athletic Wand". [2]


Jammer wears a #25 Chicago Bulls jersey and extremely bright and colorful Kyrie Irving Electro-Lights sneakers. He carries his basketball around with him, as it is now his magical familiar.


Jammer was a high school upperclassman in the South Side of Chicago before being enrolled in Gowpenny Academy of Arcane Arts. He played both baseball and basketball, and was the point guard on the varsity basketball team. Although he'd done a lot of travelling with his team for tournaments, including at least one trip to Des Moines, Iowa, he'd never before left the Midwest.

As a child, Jammer was never really good with pets, as most of them were just cats that they'd taken in from the street.


The Chosen Ones[]

Jammer is at basketball practice one day after school when he is visited by a mysterious brown and white speckled owl. He stops drills to call attention to it, but his coach and teammates don't see it, suggesting he go outside and rehydrate to clear his head. Outside, he sees the owl on the sidewalk carrying a large, rectangular envelope. Jammer leans in to touch it to make sure that it's real, and it drops the envelope at his feet.

He reads the letter, informing him that he's been accepted to Gowpenny Academy of Arcane Arts, and is disgusted when the owl barfs his teleportation pellet at his feet. He reluctantly picks it up and heads back inside to inform his team. They don't believe him in the slightest and think he might have a concussion, even when he pulls out the owl's pellet. After explaining that he'll be going to bird school next year, the team goes along with it for his benefit and tells him to go home, but he doubles back when a freshman begins to cry. He does a team chant to reassure them and promises to bring back juice from the juice fountains that all private schools have.

When he gets the letter signed, Jammer crushes the pellet and appears in Vertiq Alley alongside the rest of the Magical Misfits: Sam Black, who he recognizes from her stream when she received her own letter; Dream; and Evan Kelmp.


Evan Kelmp[]

Jammer often plays a supportive role towards Evan and his tendencies towards extremes and his dark urges, and has on several occasions, attempted to roll Kelmp in during his outbursts of rage or during his more supernatural moments. Jammer is also shown in "chosen ones" to show a very specific bond with Evan because of his helping him feel comfortable when he feels out of place or ostracised (as seen when player Lou Wilson assisted player Brennan using adversity tokens)

Sam Black[]

Sam and Jammer are among the first of the group to forge a new bond as they connect over wanting to fight the owls that delivered their letters. They were also the first to successfully do magic with their new wands. Sam's perpetually positive attitude combined with Jammer's intrinsically supportive nature make them the ultimate hype squad.



  • In his art, Jammer is wearing #25 Chicago Bulls basketball jersey, as Steve Kerr is his favorite player.[3]
  • He's only seen the third and fifth Harry Potter movies, and the first part of the sixth one.


  1. Jammer says "moms" in Episode 1: The Chosen Ones, but it is currently unclear if this is colloquial AAVE for the singular "mom", or he has two mothers.
  2. Adventuring Party (Season 5) Episode 3: Wet Fire (and Bad News Brooms)
  3. Erin Hassidim, Dropout Discord, 30 June 2021: "I don't know anything about basketball but I do know that Lou specifically said that Whitney's favorite player is Kerr so that's why he's wearing the jersey"
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