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Yandi is a waitress that works in Krom's Diner over by the highway.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes Featuring Yandi
Fantasy High


Yandi is a halfling woman who's a little older in years. She seems very helpful and friendly, but tends to give vague answers to questions.


The Bad Kids visit Krom's Diner in order to investigate Johnny Spells and his gang at Arkon Gas Station and Garage. Adaine Abernant asks Yandi about the garage, who tells her about the "boys" who hang out there. They're a little "rough and tumble", and dance menacingly at anyone who challenges their turf. She's very impressed by the gang's dancing but assures the Bad Kids that the dance is very scary and dangerous. However, it's unclear if their dancing is magical or purely theatrical before they beat people up, if they do so at all.

The party continues to talk about spying on Johnny and his gang before realizing that Yandi is still at the table listening to them. When they come to the conclusion that they must have a fight tonight, she tells them that the teiflings practice all the time, as dancing is hard work. They order another round of crullers and send her away so she won't continue to eavesdrop, but leave to investigate before they get them.

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